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  • Doesn't look like this thread will make it to 1,000 posts.


    It was a good ol' thread.

    Like a friend.


    • So, when are your 67 markers due, Stevo ?


      • Originally posted by ragnar
        So, when are your 67 markers due, Stevo ?
        They were due tomorrow, August 21st, but I got all of them on August 11th!

        I'm still waiting on those two stubbordn SNPs, M37 and P66, though.

        Thanks for posting in the ol' Batch 147 thread, ragnar. I appreciate it.

        Auld lang syne.


        • Here's one more for the effort. I must have missed your post on when you got the markers (or forgot). Hope this week you get M37 & P66.


          • Originally posted by ragnar
            Here's one more for the effort. I must have missed your post on when you got the markers (or forgot). Hope this week you get M37 & P66.
            Thanks again!

            From what I have read, M37 has been found thus far only in two Australians of European descent, and P66 only in Italians. It doesn't seem likely that I will be M37+ or P66+.

            Just the same, it would be nice to finally get the report on them, one way or the other.


            • well well.. Batch 147 thread still exists, as does my pending results tab.

              I don't understand a delay this long.....I just plug along.


              • Staying up late again as I do every night. Tonight there's a wildfire north of where I'm at. I'm on kind of a plateau on the north side of the city -(Spokane,WA). If I drive to the north side of this plateau, I can see the fire further north. It's west of Hwy 395 & the big Windemere housing development. It's about 20-25 acres now. in an area that has about 4 houses which have evacuated, none of which have burned. It's night so no planes can make water or retardent drops until morning. The fire can be seen as far as 20 + miles away. Right now the TV said the fire is making a run to the northeast. There are houses & a stable on the north side of the hill it's trying to go up. Those people in those houses are on standby & will be up all night ready to go. There are a couple firetrucks waiting there with them in case the fire crests the hill. The stable has been working to evacuate their 50 horses for a few hours now. The fire started at about 9:45 PM Pacific time with supposedly a boom sound. The town has been plagued with an arsonist (mostly garages - probably kids) the last several weeks on the north side (& lower south hill)- but not that far north. (The police did catch today a 15 year old who molotoved two schools unsuccessfully, beer bottles filled with gas.) Course it's not known yet how this fire started. You can view the coverage on if you want. The forest & area is real dry now. We basically haven't had any rain for a couple months. This fire is in an area of mostly conifer trees, brush, lots of rocks & lots of rattlesnakes & some power lines & hills so it's a little complicated for the fire crews. The wind is supposed to pick up tomorrow & we might have some dry lightning tonight. Oh, dna - I sent for 2 AncestryByDNA kits for my son & me to do autosomal testing. I don't know how long it takes for the kits to get here & then once they get them ,the processing. Back to watching the fire----


                • The fire is up to 31 acres. They are bulldozing fire lines & by hand with picks where the dozers can't go. The fire has jumped a couple lines but they quickly got new lines around the new spots. The wind keeps shifting - N to NE to NW, but it is quieter now, though still torching some tall trees.


                  • I pretty much grew up in Northern California (I grew up everywhere - my Dad was career military). I can remember watching the mountains around us burn sometimes in the summer, kind of like a mini-Apocalypse.

                    Then there were the earthquakes . . .

                    But the weather was nice.


                    • Yeah, Northern California is OK. SoCal is just too hot! My son got poison oak at Big Sur this summer. The fire crew surrounded the fire by morning & were working on containment all day. Turns out a tree fell on a power line & that started the fire. No houses burned. Got several more small fires in other county areas close to roads so they are termed "suspicious". Much bigger fire over 2500 acres southeast of Spokane threatening 80+ homes near Dayton started by lightning. Monday night when I came home & turned the TV on, the channel showed the fire. My 3 year old female Coton de Tulear dog started growling & walked slowly up to the TV set. She rose up on her hind legs & sniffed the TV screen, growling all the while. She knew the fire was BAD ! Good Girl !


                      • I like Washington state. I used to go up to Vancouver to buy lottery tickets when I lived in Portland. That was before Oregon had its own lottery.

                        Too much rain in western Oregon and Washington, though. They used to have umbrella commercials on tv in Portland!

                        It rained all the time when I lived in Portland.


                        • All that rain is only on the west side of Washington & Oregon. (In fact, my nephew & his wife became sick of all the rain last winter & just moved a couple weeks ago from Vancouver, WA to the Phoenix area in Arizona). The east side is forests-(Ponderosa Pine, Douglas Fir, some other firs & pines), Cedar, Hemlock), from Spokane north to the Canadian border. South of Spokane is mostly wheat fields & some isolated tree areas. West of Spokane until the Cascade mountain range is scrubland - lava rock (basalt) with a little bit of dirt on top. Spokane's climate I think is similar to Denver. (I lived on Colorado for 14 years). Temperate - but very dry in the mid to late summer & early fall. Right now is just the start of fire season for us. Had about 8 fires around the Spokane area today. That one near Dayton has jumped from 2500 acres on Tuesday to 34,000 acres Wednesday afternoon. It's burned 2 houses & is still threatening many more. It's mostly burned wheat fields, brush & trees. It's moving fast since there was a stiff wind all day. It's really 8 fires closeby they are calling the Columbia Complex fire. Course the one that's been burning the longest - about 2-3 weeks or more, is what they call the Tripod fire up in Okanogan Co. (center but extreme north part of the state). We've been breathing that smoke for too long. It's over 120,000 acres. This fire season will last into late October & sometimes early November. I wonder how long once they get the kit, does it take DNAPrint to deliver autosomal test results to the customer ?
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                          • I don't know anything much about autosomal testing. I'm a little bit leery of it, honestly. Telling people they are this percentage this and that percentage that just strikes me as bogus.

                            Maybe I'm wrong, but I'll stick with the y-dna and mtDNA thing for now.


                            • Got the DNAPrint kits in the mail today. Got to send 1 off to my son. Columbia Complex fire is up to 41,000 acres. Tripod fire is now grown to the equivalent of 100 square miles. Arena Cup (af2) football game later today in San Juan, Puerto Rico ! Spokane Shock is one of the teams playing (our 1st year of existence). Season ticket holder here----. Just want to see what DNAPrint has to say about me & my son...I gotta be waiting for some kind of test. Turning into a dna junkie.


                              • I just don't have much faith in the current state of autosomal testing. The results I have seen people get make me suspicious.

                                Thanks for keeping the old Batch 147 thread going, ragnar.

                                Good luck with that arena football team. Is that American football or soccer?