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  • Originally posted by JTCullen
    I got first watch again tonight. It's 1:08am EST and FTDNA's homepage just updated with 50 new Y-DNA records for a total of 64216 records. Cross your fingers everyone!
    Nothing new on my home page. Wonder who the lucky 50 people are and what batch numbers they are in. I am waiting on a Y12.


    • No results yet for me.

      LeoLos mentioned over on the Basques and E3b thread (in the Genographic Project Forum here) that he has received his Batch 147 results (upgrade from 12 to 25) already!

      Some members of the Class of 147 (mostly grad students, I guess) are getting their diplomas early.

      Then there are those of us who sit at the back of the class . . .

      Ah, well. Two days to go 'til my target results date.


      • Still 5 days for my target date.

        My Y-Stuff will be all done.

        Now I just have my Mtdna refinement left. Which is on order.


        • Originally posted by M.O'Connor
          If they were to scrap any sequence i would think the 12 sequence is the least informative, and should be the first to go. We really need at least 25 markers to compare our with others.
          The 12-marker test does have several uses. It's usually enough to determine IF two people with the same surname are related, especially for less common surnames such as in the Y-DNA project that I run. It's enough to predict the haplogroup in most cases. Also, for business purposes, having an "entry-level" test that most people can afford is necessary. The 12-marker test reels us in, gets us hooked, and twists our arms until we order more And, the Genographic Project tests only the first 12 markers (and the haplogroup). So I don't see the 12-marker test going away anytime soon.

          For those who need/want more than 12 markers, they're encouraged to upgrade to at least 37 instead of only 25 now.



          • I'm still waiting.

            I keep checking my personal page and my email, but thus far to no avail.

            They're still on time though.

            About a day and a half left to wait.


            • Since no one is talking, here's another post from me (as if you all needed another one).

              I'm heading out the door to go eat at CiCi's Pizza.

              Do you all have those in your necks of the woods? No beer there, unfortunately, but the food is reasonably good, and - best of all - it's cheap.

              Anyway, I'll probably be back later.

              I wonder what I will do if and when I get my results.

              I've been checking my personal page and my email for so long now (it seems like a long time anyway) that I will probably close the page out of habit before realizing there is something new on it!

              Target results date is still May 19, 2006.


              • The rest of my Batch 148 results have arrived!


                • Got back HVR1 Results

                  I'm in batch 147 and i got back HVR1 Results yesterday.
                  Dates for the rest of my test are

                  DNAPlus(HVR2) 05/31/2006

                  DNAPlus(Y-DNA13-25 Markers) 06/02/2006

                  DNAPlus(Y-DNA26-37 Markers) 06/02/2006

                  DNAPlus(Y-DNA1-12 Markers) 05/19/2006

                  Y-Refine37to59(Y-DNA37-59 Markers) 05/31/2006


                  • Originally posted by Lost-Sheep
                    The rest of my Batch 148 results have arrived!

                    To quote Napoleon Dynamite: "Lucky!"



                    • Originally posted by Lost-Sheep
                      The rest of my Batch 148 results have arrived!
                      I saw your post and immediately went to check for results...batch 148 here as well...but no joy.

                      Due date still 9 days away so we're not late.


                      • [QUOTE=Timrand45]I'm in batch 147 and i got back HVR1 Results yesterday.
                        Dates for the rest of my test are

                        I got my mtDNA results yesterday also, and have new date of 5/31/2006 for hvr2. So, it wasn't just me with the new date to 5/31.


                        • Got 13-37 update in on batch 147

                          Only have 2 members in batch 147 - one to go. ;-)



                          • Originally posted by Thoraldus
                            Only have 2 members in batch 147 - one to go. ;-)



                            • I'm on the grave-Yard watch again.

                              No 147 results to report at this date for me is still this Monday May 22.

                              It's great to hear people getting their results.


                              • Keep checking pages even when you don't expect results

                                I have this theory that thru their knowledge of my DNA ftdna could tell when I was just looking at my page not expecting any results.
                                Every time I got a result from them, I was shocked.
                                Maybe that's just because I started checking my page every few minutes from the time I put in my order. (Yes, I started checking for my page as soon as I mailed in my sample, before they had received it and I even had a page).
                                Take care everyone, maybe early tomorrow morning....