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Batch 146 created

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  • Batch 146 created

    Y-Refine37to59 expected 05/15/2006
    mt-H expected 05/10/2006

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    c'mon 147...


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      I'm curious how big this batch is

      I wonder how many Y-Refine37to59 tests are in this batch LOL. Waiting...


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        Me too!

        I am also waiting on this.


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          No Results Yet.

          Richard, welcome to your Family Tree DNA personal page.

          DNA Test Progress


          Kit Received

          Batch 146 created

          DNA Isolation began

          DNA at Sequencing facility

          Quality Control began

          *Target Results Date

          The above are ‘targets’ dates provided used by the lab. Actual dates may vary due to the number of kits in your batch, as well as the need to re-run the sample.

          If you have ordered an extended Y-DNA test you’ll most likely receive the first 12 markers back followed in a few days by the next set of 13 markers. Quality Control is very strict about 2 sets of eyes confirming every score. This takes a little longer, but it also dramatically reduces the chance that an incorrect score is reported!

          If more than a week went by from the targeted date without your results being posted, it means that most probably we did not get a result on the first pass during the sequencing process. From our lab's experience this happens in about 10 - 15% of the times.

          This can be caused by a number of factors, such as a poor scrape, or a marker may produce a "dual peak" where a single peak is expected.

          In all of these cases we will re-run the entire sequence from the same DNA that was extracted from vial A. This will produce a complete new set of scores for your sample. The two sets are compared, and the geneticist makes a determination. If once again the results are incomplete we then extract the DNA from vial B and start the above process again.

          The lack of results after this series of attempts (2 from vial A and 2 from vial B) will prompt us to send you a new kit (free of charge) for a new scraping, as the initial samples didn't give the lab enough quality DNA to work from.

          Although this adds to the delivery time, it ensures that we report accurate results, so please bear with us as in the final analysis accuracy is far more important than speed.

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            I'm in 146, Y-59. Come on, come on ......


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     guys/gals are only 10 days away from your target date.


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                Originally posted by M.O'Connor
       guys/gals are only 10 days away from your target date.
                0 days H1

                Date: May 3, 2006 10:43 PM
                Subject: mt Haplogroup Results.

                mtDNA haplogroup has been assigned to your record. Please click the link
                below to view the new information.


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                  I got my Y-12 and Y-37 results on 12AM Thursday! I still waiting on my mtDNA results in which is due on 05-24-06.


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                    Originally posted by Richard Rauch
                    I got my Y-12 and Y-37 results on 12AM Thursday! I still waiting on my mtDNA results in which is due on 05-24-06.
                    You got your Y-results early?

                    That's great!

                    That's a good sign for the rest of us who are awaiting initial test results (not the more bothersome deep clade stuff).

                    C'mon 147!


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                      Batch 146

                      What is the May 24 date? Is that for mtDNA initial test?
                      Mine is still saying 5/12...
                      Kathleen :


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                        Yes, it is mtDNA for May 24th.


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                          Up in Canada here we will set off a bunch of fire-works to remind you on May 24th.

                          (Queen Victoria's birthday is celebrated here)


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                            My personal page is still saying today so lets get it going!
                            How many folks have gotten their Y-DNA results?..mine is mtDNA..
                            anxiously waiting...


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                              I'm in batch 146. No results yet. Estimated due date is May 15 (of this year, of course).