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  • Batch 542

    Mom's mt Full Sequence, due 31 Dec.

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    Batch 542

    My Big Y-DNA test is in this batch due 12/31/2013


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      ^How exciting gerlyons! My brother's Y-refine 25 to 67 in this batch. All panels due 12.31.2013, except panel 26-37 due on 01.02.2014. Hmm, I wonder if these will be in sooner than the SNP that is due 12.02.2013 in another batch.


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        My Y-Refine 12to67 test in this batch.

        38-47, 48-60 and 61-67 panels due 31.12.2013
        13-25 and 26-37 panels due 02.01.2014


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          I too have an mtFullSequence in batch 542, all the procedures are expected back by new years eve, Tuesday 31st December 2013


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            I am also in this batch for the Big Y-DNA test is in this batch due 12/31/2013


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              Dec 31, due date, long shot or safe bet?

              I was really happy and a little surprised to see that my Big Y in Batch 542 is due 31st December. How nice if that happens. Happy New Year, I hope.


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                I am thinking that the Big Y completion dates may be default lab dates and they will actually take longer. Hopefully I am wrong, but this is from the FAQ: How soon will I have my BIG Y results? faq id: 2208

                We plan to release the first set of BIG Y results in February 2014.

                -Darren Marin
                Family Tree DNA


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                  Thanks, Darren. Yes, I had imagined that February was the most likely arrival date (I have a little experience waiting for test results ) and I can see that the last day of the calendar could be a default. For one hopeful moment, I thought they may be pushing the first batches, to get some results out into the market place (and at scientific desks). I can wait.