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  • Batch 541

    I have one FF with mtDNAPlus in this batch, due 1 Jan 2014, as of this morning.

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    As of today, I have an mtFullSequence in this batch, expected 1st Jan, and a yDNA 37, with the first 12 markers expected 20th Dec, and the others on 3rd Jan.

    I had no idea it was this slow!


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      @anzese, I checked my notes from last year, when I had mtFullSequence (FMS) tests for myself and my father, and Y-67 test done for my father. I'm pretty sure this was after a big sale, of which I took advantage.

      Both FMS tests took longer than predicted (from 1 week to a month), which doesn't seem to be unusual. That test normally takes the longest of all to complete.

      The Y-67 panels came in 2 to 3 weeks early, except the 12 marker (panel 1), which was 2 weeks past predicted.

      I'm sure others have had different experiences, but the above is just to give you an example; it isn't always when they predict. Your sample may fail and they have to start over, you never know. Or, things may move along quickly. Just sit back and relax; don't start worrying until it is past due.


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        7/12/2013 Completed 521
        6/20/2013 In Progress 521
        6/19/2013 Ordered 521
        6/19/2013 Batched 521