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    Waiting on an SNP to come through (due date was the 23rd of September).
    Looks like that will be pushed back.

    On another note, ordered a FF test for my mother back in July.
    Found out today that a kit has not been sent (I should have thought something was up when i didn't receive an email stating receipt of payment).
    Have contacted the helpdesk to try and sort things out


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      I don't understand why, but all my FF results have disappeared and the expected date (14/10/2013) show up again. I even was able to download the raw data and someone has sent me a Known Relationship request message, but all was gone.

      I just received an email, answering my problem:
      "Thank you for your email. We apologize for the confusion and delay in receiving your results. Your sample was part of a very small batch of kits that experienced a technical issue during the upload. Therefore, we are in the process of correcting the issue and are going to re-upload your results. We expect this resolution to be complete within the next few days. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your attention to this matter"
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        Originally posted by Osiris View Post
        It seems like they're holding the batches open later nowadays. Used to be that about 4pm HST the batch was closed. Which is 9 or 10 pm EST. Now it's 6 hours past and it's still not closed.

        Well, I have two SNP going to be in this batch I hope. Nat Geo 2.0 told me I was positive but I'm not sosure.
        The due date was 9/23 but they came in 10/4

        They never updated my due date between these dates.


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          My pending results still have a due date of the 23rd of September....I'm guessing the 14th of October now, based on what others have written.