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    Originally posted by rewm60 View Post
    Still waiting on my yRefine12-67 results in this batch 520. Was batched on 6/12/2013. This is getting annoying. Now the new expected date is 9/16/2013. Over 3 months!
    I have a SNP P312 with a expected date of 8/26/2013 in Batch 524 which will probably be delayed also. The way things are going with this company hopefully the results will be back by Christmas!
    Same boat, delayed also to the 16th of September. I sent them a message that if they're having so much trouble with this sample they ought to just request a new one to save time (seems more sensible to try to test a new sample than rerun a troublesome sample over and over and over again with no results).


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      Seems like the third vile of my sample they had in storage did the trick so I didn't have to send in a new one - 48-67 on my Y-67 are in, just waiting on markers 38-37.


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        Ive been waiting on results for a SNP test in this batch, was due in July, still not in.
        Have emailed FTDNA helpdesk, but no answer yet.