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Only received partial results.

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  • Only received partial results.


    Ordered Y dna 67 on may 1st.
    Received 1-12 and 38-47 on June 8th. (Predicted June 28)

    Anyone else get their results with a gap like this?
    Any estimates of when I'll should get the rest after these?

    Thank you.

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    If you check your pending test tab, it would show you how the Y-DNA results are split out. Mine are as follows:

    Y-DNA12 Y-DNA1-12 Markers 518 07/12/13
    Y-Refine12to67 Y-DNA13-25 Markers 519 07/24/13
    Y-Refine12to67 Y-DNA26-37 Markers 519 07/24/13
    Y-Refine12to67 Y-DNA38-47 Markers 519 07/22/13
    Y-Refine12to67 Y-DNA48-60 Markers 519 07/22/13
    Y-Refine12to67 Y-DNA61-67 Markers 519 07/22/13

    Keeping in mind I ordered my 12 and upgraded a week later.

    Edit to add that markers 13-37 are set to return two days past the rest of the 12 to 67 revision.

    Edit further to add that you got some markers WAY earlier than predicted. I would expect them all by the date given. Out of curiousity, what batch is this test in?
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      It was Batch 516.

      I just thought it was odd that 13-25 was skipped.


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        Not sure why, but that range seems to take a little longer, judging by my predicted dates. Hopefully someone who has been around a while will have some insight.


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          It's not unusual at all based on my experience. I think they do them in parallel when they can. Sometimes you'll get a couple of the sets at the same time and there will be gaps. I think my first twelve were either the last or second to last to come in.