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    y67-111 upgrade.

    "This test failed to yield results for your sample. Your sample is being rerun now. Results from this round of testing are expected by this date."

    I am losing confidence in FTNDA's professionalism.
    We've been lied to so many times before.
    I highly doubt that the test was run at all.

    Pushed back until April 8, 2013.


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      Originally posted by Itai View Post
      I am also in this batch with my great uncle results. His Y-DNA results (37 STRs) are already there. I am still waiting for FTDNA Y-haplogroup prediction (no date given) and his FMS (expected the 27/03/2013)
      My haplogroup prediction has been delayed, due to the ordering by FTDNA of a backbone test (put in batch 506 and scheduled for the 22/04/13)

      As for my FMS, it seems also to have been delayed. The new date for the HVR1 and HVR2 is 08/04/13 and for the coding region is 15/04/2013

      However some interesting comments also appear.

      Next to the HVR1 and HVR2 I can read: "If you have ordered the mtDNA full sequence (FGS), your result for this portion of the mtDNA will arrive with your full sequence results. Please refer to the target date and status description of your pending FGS test for an update. If you have not ordered the mtDNA full sequence, your testing is in progress. Results from this round of testing are expected by this date."

      And next to the Coding Region I can read: "We recently purchased and installed new sequencing equipment that will greatly expand our productivity. As of now, we are running about 500 Full Mitochondrial Sequence tests per week, and anticipate being completely caught up no later than the end of April. You can expect your results by this date:"

      I guess I can expect my results to arrive sometime in April...


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        Batch 501 delays

        My sister-in-law sent in my mom's FF kit the week after Christmas; just got another delay today until 4/29 (aka May). Mom's 85 and in a memory care facility; I sure hope I hear something before she pops off. It was a long time before they even batched it.