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    Originally posted by Gene2005
    My results for the first 12 Y-DNA markers of 37 Y-DNA markers. i`m thinking this, should i take the SNP test now, would the company would later update the snp test resuilt as/after the batch is finish or wait until they finish the whole batch altogether? Or do you think i should upgrade my test DNAPLUS to Mthvr2toMega test ? which its would cover more grouds then the pervious test. some input would help, thank you.

    i dont know much about the super tests i 'de ask before jumping into them
    but y-1-37 and hrv1+2 i de them togther if i could redo them but thats easy when i didnt have the 99$ lol


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      Originally posted by Gene2005
      You are very helpful and you had answer all my question when i had any ideal what`s going on so Thank you. i know you had try to answer this question before, who do i chat to and how do i contact the person for the answers for the SNP and mtdna refinement tests? Could i bother you with another question if i may, i kind of understand thats resuits dont change and i dont have a probelm with that. i wonder , as more and more matches match my own dna profile , would i find new matches recent ethnic origin, and possiblely add to another haplogourp(s) as well ? i`m mostly african-american with admixtures on both sides of the family,as i been told. i have just recieve my 12/37 markers test and i been a sort of suprise for me.i`m in a E3a,E1 (not a suprise)but i`m also in H haplogroup in the 4 step mutations. all of this, happen with 12 markers Y-Dna matches with out a SNP test. i dont think, i been put in E3a haplogroup officially,not for not now.My haplogroup have not been determined by a specific test.All of this i just want share it. thank you again,bless you.
      I am eb31 from ireland with jewish background originating at somalia,ethiopia,sudan
      not every black with eruopean genes was raped
      there were white slaves many sent to west indies they married the other slaves and natives. they were sold to slavery by cromwell.i have dennings from chelsea whose birth was west indies i would assume they were semi black or their kids were. go to the electric scotland page and search white slavery

      at the bottom of most ftdna pages is contact us here are the people
      General questions about our products and services:
      Catherine McDonald

      Questions like "what will this test tell me?" :
      Eileen Krause

      Questions like "what test do I need to use for this purpose?", or shipping and billing questions:
      Julie Walthall

      If you are not sure about which test to order, e-mail:
      Leah Wark

      Suggestions and feedback regarding our newsletter, as well as submission of Surname Projects for consideration for an article:
      Dexter Montgomery

      Suggestions, requests of materials for events, request for speakers:
      Max Blankfeld

      Starting a Surname Project, interpretation of results:
      Bennett Greenspan


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        There is nothing abnormal about having no matches. I have several people in my projects that have no matches. About the only thing it tells you is that no one else from you paternal line is in the FTDNA database yet. Most likely someone will show up within the next few years.

        It took me over two years to get a 12 marker match that didn't belong to someone I already knew I was related to.