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    I am in the same spot as you. I have a Y67 in this batch. All of my panels are showing on the YSTR page EXCEPT 1-12, which shows a completion date of 2/6. I have received no email or explanation. I did email yesterday to ask if there was a problem, but have not received a response.

    The customer service communication here is TERRIBLE. I understand that there are sometimes problems that might cause delays. But COMMUNICATE that to your customer.


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      Exactly my point Mlawton, just tell us when to expect the darn results. The email I got was just frustrating, it's like they are attempting to change dates in a month, it was stupid, plain and simple.

      Again this morning I got the email my 13-25 results are in, yay, what a surprise. Each time I see the subject line "New Results are In" I get excited thinking it's the 1-12 markers but every day it's the same thing as the day before, your 13-25 markers are now available.

      Something is terribly a muck at FTDNA, I've been using this site for services for a few years now and have never seen it in such a mess.

      Explain to your customers, who paid you money for a service, exactly what they are going to get and when. If you can not live up to the expectations then explain why not. It's not like we are doing you a favor by being here, there are many more companies out there performing the same service.

      Don't send the customer the same email for days on end, that only shows how unprofessional you've become or that your software has many glitches which does not bode well for your company since we are depending on your software to give us results.

      Long and short, get with it FTDNA or we'll all go somewhere else. This is to the point it's ridiculous. Results are over a week over due and you still have not given any explanation at all. Pretty poor service to the customer.


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        Well, I just called to find out what was going on. Nobody had responded to my email and I got emails telling me the other panels were complete and to log on to see results. The CR told me that there is a delay due to the 1-12 panel needing to be retested and I can expect the results in 1 to 2 weeks. Okay...thanks for letting me know. So that would be almost a month late. But at least I know now when to expect it.


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          Batch 497

          Having the same problem pleased I am not alone they have been telling me every day for a week that my results are in tested on Y-67 still have the Y-12 to come in don’t know what is going on loosing faith in the whole thing, also waiting for FF results to come in on batch 499 they are now well over due, but I understand they are being held up with the changes they are making, silly time to be making changes when they put a big sale on.


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            I agree Lorraine, they should have done this update when they weren't swamped with orders.

            I replied to the email I got in very blunt wording saying I asked when the 1-12 results would be expected and this time I got an actual reply! It said the same as what Mlawton was told, there was a problem and the panel had to be redone. Gee, instead of the 8 or 9 emails I got saying 13-25 were done maybe just 1 of them could have explained this!

            He also said they had a glitch they were aware of in the email program, were sorry for all the duplicates that had been sent out.

            I was told it'd be 2 to 3 more weeks before we'd see the results, guess we'll just wait to see but hopefully it won't be to much longer.

            I've used FTDNA for years and have never experienced anything like this, I've usually been quite impressed with how quickly they report, this time they've really tested my patience. There are so many facilities now available for DNA genetic testing, they might want to get their act together a bit more or they are going to lose some very loyal customers. Every person in this batch should have been notified there was a problem, for us to have to chase them over and over is not good business when they were well aware they couldn't meet the expected dates. They still haven't even changed the expected date!

            Unacceptable FTDNA.


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              Thanks Sunkeeper, I am a bit wiser now that I know I will have to bide my time and just wait, unfortunately when the sale was on I ordered a total of 5 different tests, and I have been very disappointed in the results so far, can we now trust then to be accurate with their testing if they can’t get a simple thing like an email right. We have all spent a lot of money on the tests we are waiting for they should show us the curtsy of keeping us informed as to what is going on instead of building up our hopes.


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                My refine 67 to 111 Ydna results should have been in today, nothing yet!


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                  My 67 upgrade to 111 Y-dna results were due yesterday FTDNA have now put the expected date back to 13th March.


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                    My batch 497 lab results statuses changed as of this morning:
                    • DNA1-12 markers, originally due 2/6, now due 3/11; "This test failed to yield results for your sample. Your sample is being rerun now. Results from this round of testing are expected by this date." [although it does seem to have yielded a result for DYS439, at least at some point!]
                    • For my mtDNA full sequence results, originally due 2/18, now also due 3/11; "The full mtDNA sequence (FGS) is one of the most complex test that we offer. The sequence is divided into portions, and all portions must yield complete results in order for the full sequence to be finished. If we already have your sample, your testing is in progress. Due to the volume of orders we received in our extended promotion, our orders are running, but are taking a little longer to complete. We apologize for the delay, we are working diligently to get you the highest quality results.
                      If you have ordered the mtDNA full sequence (FGS), your result for this portion of the mtDNA will arrive with your full sequence results. Please refer to the target date and status description of your pending FGS test for an update. If you have not ordered the mtDNA full sequence, your testing is in progress. Due to the volume of orders we received in our extended promotion, our orders are running, but are taking a little longer to complete. We apologize for the delay, we are working diligently to get you the highest quality results."

                    And so I wait! But I am glad they are now keeping us updated.


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                      I'm in the same situation for my Y-DNA kit in this batch.

                      See my previous post in this thread: DYS439 is tested on multiple panels, as a quality control measure.
                      Last edited by Jessant; 19 February 2013, 03:29 PM. Reason: clarification: Y-DNA kit, not FGS


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                        Originally posted by Jessant View Post
                        See my previous post in this thread: DYS439 is tested on multiple panels, as a quality control measure.
                        Thanks - I'm sure I had read that, but have been reading too many posts in too many threads, and guess I forgot.


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                          Some of my 67 to 111 Y-dna results have come in but they don't show on my own home page but do show in the projects that I have joined, no email to say they are in. I find this a bit strange.


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                            All my refine 67 to 111 ydna results in now except Y-DNA76-85 Markers, results show in both projects and my home page OK.


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                              Matching report issues?

                              My 67-marker test is now done. The 1-12 panel was the last one to be completed.

                              My matching reports work at the 12-marker level, but not at the 25-, 37- or 67-marker levels. And I know for a fact that there should be matches.

                              Probably a result of the higher panels being released before the 1-12 panel.

                              Is anybody else experiencing this?

                              (Haven't yet received the notification email for the 1-12 panel, by the way.)


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                                My father's final 1-12 panel showed up today, so his Y-67 results are done. So far only showing matches in the 12 marker range, nothing in 25, 37 or 67. None of the surname or R-Z253 haplogroup matches seem to be related yet. Most of the 12 marker list is 0 steps, with most of the 1's being the same surname.