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    You know what else is peculiar? Under the "Print Certificates" area, on 2/5 there were Y-DNA STR and SNP certificates for my father - I downloaded them - the STR showed the panel results for 1-12 (only value was for DYS439) and 13-25 (showing only 7 marker results - all 12 appear in the results area).

    There was also the 2010 Y-DNA migration map, which was for all haplogroups. I'm not sure if they tailor one specifically for each person or haplogroup, but that's what was there.

    And there were 2 matches, as I mentioned earlier, which seemed to be for the 25 and 67 panels. The 12 & 37 panels have not shown up yet, so that was interesting. There were X's for both matches for both of the former panels, zeroes for Y-DNA12, and dashes for Y-DNA37.

    None of those certificates or the map are now available, nor the matches. It's wacky!


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      I just sent them a message. I think it'd be nice if they could update us when they expect a date of completion and it's surpassed. How difficult would that be? Not very good business practice.

      Come on FTMDNA, get your **** together.


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        I think there are two issues:
        1) Delayed Y-DNA results for some of the 1-12 panels in this batch.
        2) IT glitches for partially-reported results.

        Regarding the first issue, I'm inclined to cut FTDNA some slack. They've been way ahead of schedule on most of my other orders.

        lgmayka mentioned elsewhere ( that FTDNA is no longer waiting for the 1-12 panel to finish before reporting results from other panels. I think this change explains why there are some IT glitches needing to be worked out. Design assumptions made previously no longer exist.

        In the same source, I learned that FTDNA tests DYS439 on multiple panels, as a quality-control measure.

        My project has one kit in this batch. So far, only markers 13-25 have been reported. More curious: the lab procedure for markers 38-47 no longer appears in the list of pending tests, but the marker values in this range have not yet been reported. Anybody else experiencing this?


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          Originally posted by Jessant View Post
          I think there are two issues:
          More curious: the lab procedure for markers 38-47 no longer appears in the list of pending tests, but the marker values in this range have not yet been reported. Anybody else experiencing this?
          Resolved. The marker 38-47 values are now being reported.


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            Not mine. Nothing has changed. 12 panel still has a completion date 2/6. And 26-37 panel still predicted as 2/20. The other panels disappeared awile back and are not listed at all. This is a Y67 upgrade from a FF kit.


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              Originally posted by Jessant View Post
              Resolved. The marker 38-47 values are now being reported.
              Same. I still have an FMS outstanding in Batch 493 (due 11th of Feb) and my 38-47 values have just come in from Batch 497....


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                I wouldn't worry about late results folks. Sometimes the results Target Date is off.

                Sometimes the test fails and has to be re-run. If a new taget date is needed FTDNA will update this in time. Patience is required. Sometimes after a failed test, a new sample is required and FTDNA will send you a new kit, which would push the Target Date further away.

                I'm waiting for Family Finder results in Batch 497 with a target date of Feb 18. But it is what it is..only an estimated time when your results might be ready....oh..i don't work for FTDNA, nor am I any kind of spokes person...just a client like you.
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                  a little behind the curve

                  Pertaining to batch 497: I got 2 emails today with subject "New DNA Test Results Posted," telling me that for my father's account, his 13-25 and 48-60 results had been posted. Unfortunately, those results had been posted as of Jan. 25 and 29, thus old news to me.

                  They had me going: before I read them, I thought the emails were to let me know the full Y-67 results were in. Sigh.


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                    I've gotten the same email 3 times so far, another just now came in telling me results posted but like you they were posted ages ago.

                    Also, now on the home page when I log in they are saying the new program didn't pass quality control and has to be rerun which will take 100 hours after which it goes to quality control.

                    Guess we wait, at least I think we can be confident the results will be accurate once we do get them.

                    Patience is a virtue, one I lack at times but what can you do?


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                      a good sign

                      Went to one of my father's project pages this morning, and of the 2 missing panels of his Y-67 results, another one showed up (the 26-37). That just leaves the first panel missing.

                      As with others, I am getting this message on his myFTDNA results page:
                      "Y-DNA results are temporarily offline while we perform maintenance. We apologize for this inconvenience. Please check back again soon."
                      Fingers crossed that things are starting to move along, and we may see results soon!

                      sunkeeper: yup, got 2 more duplicate messages this morning, same as yesterday's!
                      Originally posted by sunkeeper View Post
                      I've gotten the same email 3 times so far, another just now came in telling me results posted but like you they were posted ages ago.
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                        Well the Y67 upgrade I have in this batch is now showing only the 12 panel as due 2/6. The 26-37 panel that had a due date of 2/20 has completely disappeared. No messages of explanation posted at all.

                        I have been very happy with FTDNA but I have to say that the lack of communication is appalling. I am embarrassed that I highly recommended and sang the praises of FTDNA to a cousin who bought a kit during the sale. She had some questionable results from Ancestry and I recommended she test with FTDNA. I'm sure she is wondering just what the heck is going on and I will be the LAST person she will heed recommendations from in the future.


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                          Mlawton, try this

                          Originally posted by Mlawton View Post
                          Well the Y67 upgrade I have in this batch is now showing only the 12 panel as due 2/6. The 26-37 panel that had a due date of 2/20 has completely disappeared. No messages of explanation posted at all.

                          Mlawton, let me see if I understand correctly. The only item remaining on your Pending Lab Results screen is the 1-12 panel? How about the haplogroup prediction?

                          It's one thing for the 12-marker panel to be a few days late (I and others seem to be receiving the other panels ahead of schedule, so in my situation at least it all balances out).

                          It's another thing entirely for tests being marked completed without their results being released (notwithstanding a lag of a few hours). Let's first confirm that this is what is happening.

                          What happens when you go to the Y-STR results screen? Do you see a message "Once your results come in, this page will contain your exact DYS values for the tests you have taken."? Or do you see all panels, with "Lab results pending" below each heading?

                          Try forcing your browser to re-request the results page from the FTDNA server. That's CTRL+F5 in most browsers. Does that change anything?

                          Is there a download CSV button at the bottom of the results page? Are any results visible in the CSV or Excel files?

                          The above will check whether your web browser has been caching an old version of the STR results page. It is still possible that your internet service provider is caching it.

                          Caching may not be the culprit, but it's easy enough to rule out. If these suggestions don't help, I recommend you contact FTDNA.


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                            Well, duh! I didn't look at the Y-STR page. Yes, the markers for the other panels are there. I was looking at my results page. The Ydna has shown "new" matches with last match for every day I've logged in for the last couple of weeks. But the matches aren't available. The "prediction" has a blank space, no date. The 12 panel says due 2/6 and there are no markers for this panel listed under the YSTR page. No haplogroup prediction and on the Haplogroup page it says: "Your test results show that your haplogroup is -. A Y-DNA SNP extension test is not available."

                            I wonder if the values for those panels are correct.


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                              Glad to see that your biggest issue is resolved. Your STR results were probably being reported all this time. Your misunderstanding is probably not all that uncommon. FTDNA would do well to make some tweaks to the beta myFTDNA user interface. I suggest adding a "new" glyph to the Y-STR results button, like the red-and-white glyph that is currently (erroneously) being displayed over our Matches button.

                              It seems after all that you are in the same boat as most of the rest of your batch 497 cohorts. From what I've seen of my batch 497 kit, I have no reason to doubt the results' correctness.

                              Haplogroup predictions are based on the 1-12 panel results, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that your kit's SNP-related functionality is not working properly. Nor should it be surprising that matches cannot be calculated when the 1-12 panel results are unavailable.

                              As I said earlier, FTDNA appears to have recently changed their policy: now other panels are not held back until the completion of the 1-12 panel. This change has had unforeseen ripple effects. Irksome as these glitches may be, they are of minor importance compared to the ongoing upgrade to the genomic build 37.


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                                I had emailed FTDNA to see about the 1-12 markers being late, was there in fact an update to the date of 2/6/13,the reply I got is

                                Thank you for your email. The Y-DNA 37 marker test that you ordered is tested in 3 separate panels, as well as a separate component for matching and Haplogroup prediction. Often these panels will come back at different times and sometimes even out of order. Since these panels are independent of one another, if there is an issue with one panel the other panels may still finish on schedule. At this time there is no need for you to submit a new sample for the testing to be completed. Your testing is still in progress, with results expected by the end of this month. We appreciate your continued patience.

                                So when did the 6th of any month become part of the end of the month?

                                I have received the same email every day now that markers 13-25 are available, I think that's 6 or 7 emails now. FTDNA, I know they are up, what about the others?

                                Panel 13-25, which was due on the 28th of Feb has been up for over a week now, is the 28th part of the beginning of the month?

                                I'm so confused now so I'll just sit here and wait some more. Sooner or later they'll be done I figure. A generic answer was not what I was looking for when I specifically asked if they had a new date for markers 1-12 though I suppose I did get some what of an answer, by the end of the month but I note they haven't really said which month either!
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