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  • Batch 489

    Just got placed in batch 489 yesterday for DF63. The expected date for this one is 12/24.

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    mm just a silly question maybe but I'm in batch 489 as well for the genoproject conversion I've asked but I can already connect to the national genographic project (and have no more information than on ftdna, just presented in a more different way and more accessible for the non scientific public maybe).

    will my dna will be processed again for the conversion or is it nothing? thank you


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      I showed up in Batch 489 on the Geno 2.0 Project. I paid my $15.00, but I'm so confused about what I'm going to receive for this.

      Someone just said they were able to pull up their information on National Geographic. How did you do that? Do you have some kind of a number that you use to look at it?

      Am excited anyway for any more information.


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        hello to you Linda
        yes In fact I just had a number beginning with F appearing after I ordered , I copied and pasted this number into the genographic website and created 2 accounts (for y chromosome and mtdna) et voila as you say lol.
        otherwise can't find it anywhere on the website it's true.
        mmm there's another thread there :

        another member had the same issue and the only solution was to mail them but they didn't reply, seems difficult then.
        Bonne journée lol


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          Thanks for the reply. Where did this F appear? It shows that I ordered it on a certain date, and then it shows that I'm in Batch 489, but I don't see any numbers. Did you have to go to the National Geographic website? I wonder if I contact them and ask them. Do you think it's your same number from Family Tree DNA.

          I appreciate any and all responses on this.


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            the F appeared on the screen after I ordered on the family tree dna website.
            afterwards I went to this site with my reference beginning with F :
            Explore National Geographic. A world leader in geography, cartography and exploration.

            the number has nothing to do with ftdna whatsoever
            good evening


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              Got my result back today, more than a month ahead of schedule.


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                Congratulations ToddH! Hopefully it will be a similar case for everyone else in this batch. Am always anxious to find out results...


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                  My husband got his yDNA-12 back last night, also more than a month ahead of schedule. Yay! Here's hoping his FF and yDNA-37 come in before the expected 1/4/13 date!