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    Originally posted by mdlewis
    Can anybody tell me why they choose to do this piecemeal? I ordered a 37 marker test. They did the 26 markers up-front. Now, they are doing a 26-37 marker update.

    Other services will test all markers (40 of them) and will show you the results based on what you ordered. For example, if you order 12 markers, they test 40 and display 12. I suspect this is done because it is almost the same amount of work to test 40 as it is to test 12.

    Any idea why FTDNA does not operate this way? It is a real inconvenience to the customer, especially to the customer who has paid hundreds upfront.

    well i can only guess but since ftdna does a ton more then the others maybe their guys have time on thier hands. but since many people only order 12 or 25 why test 37. can you people imagine what people with problems llike you still waiting for some stuff would say if you found out their people were doing tests not ordered before they did your stuff. it would be like holding up batch 116 for your results which they didnt most of this batch is posted long time ago

    but as someone implied to me about glasses and the holding capacity being half full or half empty most people fall on one side or the other. and thats fine
    no one does as many tests as ftdna.i think they do a good job concidering how screwed up the human race is. they can do better but who couldnt ?
    just getting national geo to do this project is a great benifit to all project admins and members