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    My mtFullSequence results came in on 11/5. Now I have to understand them.


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      I guess my my DNA is more difficult then some. I got pushed out to Dec 10.


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        Hilarious. 10 minutes after I'm informed the due date was moved several weeks all my data is in. The must put the postponement message automatically up on your due date which just happened to be just before my results came in.

        My subconscious was wrong. Oh well. Nothing earth shattering like Neanderthal mtdna, I thought that would be amazing. Nope I'm H3d.

        Still pretty cool to be able to fill in that side of my family tree.


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          PF is in

          My son-in-laws PF is in but no matches yet. His results date was 12/12/12 so this is quite ahead of schedule. He is 92% Orcadian and 7% middle eastern If you wanted to take a guess on his ethnicity you say ahhh Eric the Red! Middle eastern...I don't know? Can anyone tell me if the Orcadian and middle east profile is German or Scandanavian? I think I have read that somewhere here. His analysis is definitely going to McDonald and will be run through Gedmatch. Hope his matches give us a better picture of his heritage!