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  • Batch 478

    Hubby is in this batch, currently expected 17 October 2012...
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    I wish the turn around time was quicker. Am always anxious to find out results.


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      Strange. I have my high level tests in this batch, and they are predicted for early October... yet I got two notices last week saying one line of my STR marker's was done - and it was in the middle; something like 30-40 something.

      Do they have any structured, methodical way of processing these batches, or are they just done in some random, as the orders come in, way?

      Also, my mother was in 476 and that was done Aug 31st, thus I expected 477 to be next, but judging on what I am seeing here, it almost seems that some batches are done out of sequence and even partial batches are done, then other parts are delayed, in the same batch...

      So if 477 has yet to be completed, I don't see how 478 could be done by my predicted time. I read in another thread that batches will get finished an average of twice a month. Is that true and is that what FTDNA aims for, or is that just an average of how they appear to have been doing it so far?

      I don't understand how this batch processing works. Anyone have a clear explanation how these batches are organized and scheduled for processing?




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        No idea what their method is for the sequence of test orders. Does seem like some tests are quicker than others. I guess that is dependent on how complicated it is, or maybe they shuffle things around a little. Would be good if they gave us a breakdown of how long it takes for each type of analysis.


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          Test delays

          Just received a testing kit today saying FTDNA need more samples for testing...looks like results will be out long after October 8th....

          On the plus side I probably won't have to give more samples when I order family finder


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            Okay, well.... I was ecstatic about getting my full FGS results today and I was in Batch 478, or so I was told, so.... others in that batch will likely be getting theirs soon if they haven't already.

            Good luck to you all and I hope you do better than I did. I didn't get a single match whatsoever. Not in HVR1, or HVR2, or the Coding region - or all three put together. Nada.

            I found out me and my mom are members of haplogroup 'V' though. That's something, isn't it?


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              Haplogroup V!!

              That is an interesting result! I think Bono is meant to share the same haplogroup....

              An interesting find? Or has it opened up a can of worms in terms of more questions?

              Still waiting on results for my test here! Hopefully not too much longer!


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                Results in

       just to work on those subclades! narrowed it down at least!