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  • Batch #477

    I ordered a second test, this time the Family Finder. I am so excited but oh how I dread all of the hurry up and wait!!


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    The expected date for batch #477 is 10/01/2012


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      How does one know in which batch ones sample processing is? Where does it say that info. With me it just says "Batched - 8/15/2012" - but not the number nor when it is expected to be due/completed (this is a single SNP test)


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        Go to home page and on the left side click on VIEW COMPLETE ORDER HISTORY.

        Right under the large words ORDER HISTORY on the top left will state if you have an open order...

        Click on: Check status of pending tests

        Hope this helps.


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          I too am batch 477. I'm new to this, help me understand something. Will I receive results on 9/28 for the 12 marker and the remaining results on 10/12 or will I only receive results on 10/12? Thanks!

          Tests Lab Procedure Batch Expected
          Y-DNA37 Y-DNA13-25 Markers 477 10/12/2012
          Y-DNA37 Y-DNA26-37 Markers 477 10/12/2012
          Y-DNA37 Prediction 477
          Y-DNA37 Y-DNA1-12 Markers 477 9/28/2012
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            My impression after six months of paying for various tests and hanging around here is that you may receive results before those dates, or you could receive them after. It's rare that the date listed is the actual date a test is done. Y chromosome stuff tends to be early, family finder seems to be all over the map with maybe a slight tendancy to be early and the mtDNA tends to be late, sometimes very late.


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              Thanks 1_mke for the response.

              I feel like a kid on Christmas waiting to find out what's wrapped up in that big box! And I'm afraid that once I get these first results that I may develop an addiction and order further tests


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                My MtDNA full sequence was pushed back twice...Here's hoping the FF comes in early.