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Old 4th July 2017, 07:20 PM
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Question Emails

Where on the site do I find out how to eliminate notifications (you have a new match) from ftdna?
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Old 4th July 2017, 08:03 PM
KATM KATM is offline
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The FTDNA Learning Center has a page, "Account Settings Match and Email Settings Page," which explains how using that page in Account Settings "allows you to choose which email notifications you receive and contact settings for each level of matching."

Keep in mind that when you change the settings so you don't get an email notification for the selected level or levels, you also will not be able to view those matches without changing the setting back, even if temporarily. Also, changing the settings to not receiving notifications will also effect having your contact information shown to your matches (it will no longer be shown to matches).

There should be a way to separate these functions, so that you can choose not to receive notification emails for a test level, but could still see your matches, and they could still see your contact information. So far, this need has not been addressed.
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Old 5th July 2017, 09:31 AM
John McCoy John McCoy is offline
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Good point, KATM! That's a situation that should definitely be fixed. It would also be helpful if the "you have a new match" emails were limited to new matches that actually had some relevance. The ones I receive are so distant, so irrelevant to actual genealogy, that I just delete them. In effect, and like so much of the mail and email I receive purporting to be "Important Information!", they are in reality unimportant, just spam. (Hint to FTDNA: consumers do know the difference! We are not so easily fooled!)

New Y-12 matches are completely useless for me, because I'm in the middle of R1b. New Big-Y matches are also completely useless, so far, because I'm at the end of a little twig on the haplotree, and the supposed Big-Y matches are separated by half a dozen nodes and probably at least a thousand years from my twig. The matches of genealogical interest, if any are ever found, should be limited to those predicted to have branched within the past 5 centuries or so. If FTDNA wants to be perceived as a reliable partner in genetic genealogy, communications need to be real.
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Old 2nd August 2017, 06:08 PM
dna dna is offline
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Unfortunately, this appears to be a MFARI
Most Frequently Asked Real Improvement

Over the years, I have never heard a real explanation why those two are tied together. My personal guess goes to some ancient piece of code (software) that cannot be easily rewritten, possibly a mistake (or a lack of foresight) in the original database design.

Unfixable? No way ! British Airways could have been out of the sky for 24 hours, FTDNA can be down for two days to migrate data to the new=corrected design/code.

Mr W
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Old 2nd August 2017, 08:21 PM
KATM KATM is offline
mtDNA: K1a3 | Y-DNA: R-L1308*
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Location: Mid-Atlantic coast, U.S.A.
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Welcome back, Mr. W!
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