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Old 8th February 2017, 03:32 AM
LadyAlaise LadyAlaise is offline
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Talking Interesting....reboot

(Admin? Could you delete my previous response? I apparently spent too long trying to edit it and can no longer do so)
Here is the updated/edited version. Thank you

k, I'll join the fun
I will freely admit I understand 'groupings' of more modern DNA vs./in comparison to history (Ancient Greece/Rome onward) and the movement of peoples over the last few hundred years and last 1,000 or so years, than I do these Ancient Origins and the groups there of.
So here are my parents Ancestry origins estimates (they tested 1st there then I transferred their kits to FTDNA) and their FTDNA results and my FTDNA myOrigin results and Ancient Origins (I have not tested anywhere else)
(And yes my parents are confirmed by DNA to be my folks lol despite the mis-matching in origins (so says FTDNA lol) )

Here is myOrigins;

97% European

50% British Isles
39% Western & Central European
3% Eastern European
3% Southern European
2% Finland & Northern Siberian

2% Central/South Asian
2% Central Asian

and my Ancient Origins:
10% Metal Age Invader (sounds like a swag sci-fi rock band lol)

44% Farmer (Where did I stick that plow?? Where'd those seeds go?)

46% Hunter-Gatherer (I can't throw a spear to save my life but I rock a bow and arrow )

0% non-European
Here is my Mom's Ancestry estimates and FTDNA myOrigins and Ancient Origins;
On Paper trail she is Irish, Scottish, English, and UNKN
On AncestryDNA:
Europe 100%
Ireland 66%
Scandinavia 19%
Europe West 7%

Trace Regions 8%
Italy/Greece 5%
Great Britain 3%

100% European
79% British Isles
11% Scandinavia
10% Western & Central European

Her Ancient Origins;
13% Metal Age Invader
43% Farmer
44% Hunter-Gatherer
0% non-European
Here is my Dad's Ancestry Estimates and myOrigins: Via Paper trail he is Acadian French from Canada, Irish (one of his great grams' parents were from IRE according to records), English, Basque, Mi'Kmaq, and WAY back Spanish and other French)
On AncestryDNA:
95% Europe
38% Great Britain
26% Iberian Peninsula
21% Europe West

10% Trace Regions
4% Italy/Greece
4% Ireland
1% Finland/Northwest Russia
<-1% European Jewish

5% Trace Regions
5% West Asia
5% Caucasus

On FTDNA he is
99% European
91 Western & Central European
6% Southern European
2% Finland & N. Siberian

1% New World
1% Native American

His Ancient Origins:
12% Metal Age Invader
51% Farmer
37% Hunter-Gatherer
0% non-European

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Old 28th February 2017, 05:55 PM
Riley Riley is offline
FTDNA Customer
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My results (Lots of unknown confirmed ancestry, but likely primarily Great Britain/Germany):
Hunter-gatherer: 44%
Farmer: 41%
Metal-Age Invader: 8%
Non-European: 6%

My mom's results (primarily Great Britain):
Hunter-gatherer: 45%
Farmer: 42%
Metal-Age Invader: 13%
Non-European: 0%
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Old 7th August 2017, 07:28 PM
Zayd Zayd is offline
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FTDNA Ancient European Origins:

Metal Age Invader 55%
Farmer 10%
Non European 35%

FTDNA My Origins:

Central/South Asian 85%
-South Central Asia 55%
-Central Asia 30%

East Asian 13%
-Southeast Asia 9%
-Northeast Asia 4%

Other 2%

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