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Old 28th August 2017, 10:31 AM
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My MyOrigins results are pretty bland.
100% European
67% West and Central Europe
33% Scandinavian

My Gedmatch results usually show more interesting results depending on the calculator. On Dodecad World 9 I have a high amount of DNA from the Caucasus, which doesn't show up on Eurogenes K36, so I am wondering if it can be explained by listings of Armenian, Balkan, and Eastern European, even if they don't add up to the same results. I know that broadens the area, but World9 limits itself to specific areas, so I'm finding it a bit confusing to read.

MDLP seems to be focused on migration, and I have higher results in Asian DNA from World22 with 1.25% in Indo-Iranian, 2.75% in Near East, and a 9.55% in West Asian. My cousins, who are the closest matches to me genetically, all show a similar amount of West Asian in Dodecad, but I am the only one showing Armenian in Eurogenes. There seems to be a significant amount of Mediterranean DNA as well as Iberian DNA, so I think either of those could explain West Asian DNA through migration patterns?

What I was trying to find was Native American DNA, which is present in negligible amounts in my cousins, but isn't really visible in my results except on the individual chromosome level, which probably points more to noise than real results. I have a weird amount of Mesoamerican DNA in MDLP, but as it's at .58 and the wrong region, I think that is probably wrong.

Is a 1% in SC Asian on most tests something to consider as being true, and if so, does this point to migration patterns? I read somewhere that it could be a sign of Romani descent? This article seems to suggest the same migration patterns, particularly from India, through the Middle East and the Caucasus, and finally through the Balkans. It could also explain the similar percentages in each region for K36, though I'm just thinking aloud at this point.

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