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Many doubts from a begginer... (Mediterranean origins)

Hi, everyone! Maybe someone could help me...
I'm very interested in genealogy and I have been researching my own for more than 10 years. However, I know very few about genetics and stuff. I ordered a DNA test at Family Tree DNA for my aunt, and now some of the results are intriguing me.
She is an "average" southern Brazilian, with Portuguese blood as well as other European origins like German and French. The German and French known origins were perfectly confirmed in the test, corresponding to her 50% of "West and Central Europe" cluster. However, the other 50%, which I thought were only "Portuguese" (maybe with a trace of "Dutch/Flemish", as the first settlers of Azores), appeared more diversified in the test: 30% Iberian, 4% North Africa and, surprisingly, 16% from Southern Europe.
I started to make some considerations. I would like to know if I'm right or wrong...
1) First of all, what is the real significance of being an Iberian? If the modern Iberian people (Portuguese and Spanish) are a mixture of Celts, Phoenicians, Germans, Moors and so on, why "Iberians" aren't merely "Southern Europeans" too, like Italy and Greece? In other words, if Iberians are so diverse, why they figure as one of the ethnic clusters of the DNA tests?

2) Related to this... how many centuries the results can trace back? I mean, what does exactly mean the clusters from MyOrigins? It indicates, for instance, that these are the regions where our ancestors were xxxxxx centuries ago?

3) The 4% of North Africa indicates the Moor presence in the Iberian Peninsula until the 1400's, right? So, if Brazil was colonised from the 1500's, every Portuguese descendant should have more or less the same 4% of Moor blood, right?

4) Here the most important question: I'm absolutely sure that my aunt doesn't have any Italian or Greek ancestor for at least the last 300 years. So, the considerably high amount of "Southern European" on her test (16%) could indicate the Ancient Roman presence over the Iberian Peninsula? I've read that modern Iberians have very few of greek and italic origins, so I found it strange...

Thanks a lot! God bless you
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