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Old 18th June 2005, 05:56 PM
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Finding out who my father was

My mother always told me that I was conceived through AIS ? Artificial Insemination from a Supplier. Of course, she used the more politically correct term ?AID? ? Artificial Insemination from a Donor. This was after her husband was ?infertile because of a low sperm count?. They divorced a few years later.

Apparently, it?s just about possible, since AIS had just been brought in (I was conceived in the early 1950s). But for various reasons that I won?t go into here, I have my doubts about her story. I?ve heard another story about how she might have had an affair with a well-known politician, whose identity I do not know.

I was wondering whether tests are available that could give pointers to who my real father might have been. I think the politician?s family, even if we?re able to guess who he was, would probably be reluctant to cooperate ? but I?d like to find out who my biological father was, whether or not that fits in with other people?s agendas.

Any ideas? In particular, what would be he best way to find out which politicians were in the vicinity when I was conceived?

Yours truly

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Old 9th July 2005, 05:33 AM
bob_allison bob_allison is offline
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I am sorry that you have not have any replies to date.

It is a truly worrying situation in which you find yourself. I suspect that dna testing has little to offer you since you already know that your father is 'unknown' - that is, he is either unaware of or unwilling to admit to his offspring.

I think the only way forward is twofold. Firstly, to try to get to the bottom of the stories you have heard - go back to those who appear to know something, however trivial. Secondly, to try to come to terms with the probablility that you may never discover what actually happened.

Feel free to contact me further.

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Old 18th December 2005, 04:05 PM
M.O'Connor M.O'Connor is offline
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How will Theseus find her biological Father through Y DNA?

Who will be the Male DNA doner for Theseus to compare with all possible

Thesius needs a Brother to compare with the Sperm Doner. That is my understanding.

Even if Theseus had a Brother who matched a Politician 12/12...Their common male ancestor could have lived before surnames.

Maybe there are more indepth tests that reveal more detail?

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Old 18th December 2005, 06:12 PM
Jim Barrett Jim Barrett is offline
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Originally Posted by M.O'Connor
How will Theseus find her biological Father through Y DNA? Even if Theseus had a Brother who matched a Politician 12/12...Their common male ancestor could have lived before surnames.
She won't. If she had a brother who matched a politician 37/37 that wouldn't tell her anything about her father, unless this politician fathered both of them.

Without the cooperation of the suspected father she doesn't have much of a chance. She needs a paternity test with a sample from her and a sample from the father(?).
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