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Old 18th January 2016, 08:57 AM
louise b louise b is offline
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Grandpa was adopted

Looking for anyone who knows anything in my grandpas adoption. Looking for any birth family. May have siblings still alive (which would be my great aunts and uncles). He was raised in south dakota and was born in February 1930.
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Old 18th January 2016, 11:37 AM
The_Contemplator The_Contemplator is offline
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No one knows who you are, so they are not going to know if they are even related to you or your grandpa. Even if you tell us your name, it most likely won't help.

Here is what you can do. If your grandpa is still alive, have him tested with a Family Finder test. As an option you could also get him tested on Y-DNA, but there is a chance you won't have any meaningful matches anytime soon. If you did, it could point you to your grandpa's birth father's paternal cousins as well as possible birth surname.

The Family Finder will yield more matches and leads to follow. So at least do that one. If he is not alive, then one of his children (or all of them) can still be useful to test. His children would have half of his DNA, so while not as useful as a test of your grandpa it would be something.

Another test you could run on your grandpa would be the mtDNA full sequence. It could give you leads on his mother's side but this test is the least useful of the three and might not give you a close enough match to be useful.
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