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Old 3rd November 2012, 05:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Donald Locke View Post
Update. My 5th cousin once removed has just gotten his 67 marker upgrade completed, he is a 65/67 match to me, and is a 65/67 match to our Locke cousin back in England. Our common male ancestor was born 1768 in Virginia.

I am more certain now that our common male ancestor with my British cousin almost must be with my immigrant ancestor who was born about the 1670's England who migrated to Maryland by 1728. If I am right, my immigrant ancestor is likely either the grand father or great grand father of my Locke cousins ancestor who remained in England. If my gut instinct is close to the truth, my immigrant ancestor likely left children behind in England which would make my immigrant the grand father or great grand father of my British cousins ancestor.

We are actively researching the British records in hopes of being able to connect this all together.
I think that the most important point is that you all belong in the same haplogroup and thanks for sharing this with all of us other testers.
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Old 3rd November 2012, 01:03 PM
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I agree with you 1798, the marker match is great, but also being an SNP match is just as important.
I have both Lock lineages tested to the 67 marker level and both Deep Clade SNP tested and are a SNP match as well.
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Old 5th November 2012, 03:19 PM
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I have been meaning to build this web page for a long while because I think it is important for people to have a more visual way of looking at things.
I can explain it in words, but not everyone gets it right away. But being able to visually see exactly how I have done things in a visual manor I think can help a few folks.


For those who are in to genealogy, set goals for yourself for your family tree. Pick a specific generation any generation you want and put a lot of focus on that generation that you wish to prove through DNA.

The same kind of application can be applied to the female lineages as well to trace the mt Haplo Groups in the tree.
After I got myself Y DNA tested in 2004, I suddenly understood exactly how this DNA technology could benefit my tree and make the paper trail research even more solid then it is by putting a lot of focus on a specific generation with mulple sons with sons of their own.

In my case I wanted to focus on Richard Lock Jr. and his sons because I knew in advance that this generation was the 1st generation of Lock's born in the American Colonies, but also because this generation had multiple sons with many male descendants alive today to be Y DNA tested.

I think that is a good suggestion for many folks, is to set a goal of what you wish to accomplish with your family tree and DNA and then put all your focus on that goal. It may take years to accomplish that goal, but the end result could be amazing.

I now have 3rd, 4th, 5th cousins Y DNA tested now from 4 different sons branches of the tree that dates back to the 1760's Virginia.
To me it does not really matter which generation you want to put your focus on, but it should be an important generation to YOU! The generation you have the most passion for, the generation you really want answers out of, or the generation you just simply wish to better document.

That web page link may give some of you more ideas and that is the intent of sharing that information, is to help give some of you more ideas on how to use the family tree and DNA evidence together and set goals for yourself and run with it. Who knows what you might prove to yourself, but the end result could be darn interesting.

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