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Old 7th August 2018, 12:43 PM
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A Scandinavian DNA Segment?

My mother has a match, a 2nd cousin once removed, who is descended from only one of my mother's great-grandparents (Hampton). This 2nd cousin once removed has a match with Hampton ancestry, whose ancestors lived in the same county as our Hampton ancestors. Mother and her 2nd cousin once removed have an unknown 3 great-grandfather. The match can go a lot further back with her Hampton line.

This match shares very many Finnish (and people from a few other Scandinavian countries) on their shared segments of DNA on chromosome 3.

3 3024520 10220029 16.88 2800
3 10449137 13232109 5.06 1100
3 13558528 37068068 28.53 6300

The segments are large enough to be meaningful. This looks like it was one long segment.

Do we have Finnish ancestry???

The match is a descendant of David Hampton, b. around 1750, d. 1819) and Sarah Wilson. Wilson could be a Scandinavian name, but could it be Finnish?

This match that my 2nd cousin has does not match my mother, However, she does match my mother's 1st cousin, sharing 13.85 on a different chromosome. Mom's nephew also has this segment. So another question is, how likely is it that David Hampton was either Mom's 3rd or 4th great-grandfather?
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Old 7th August 2018, 01:39 PM
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Finland is not a Scandinavian country it is a Nordic country. The Finnish language has no relationship with Danish, Norwegian and Swedish.

The most common Finnish surnames Korhonen, Virtanen, Nieminen, Mäkinen, Hämäläinen, Koskinen, Heikkinen and Järvinen aren't even close to Scandinavian surnames.

When you share DNA with cousins from an unexpected country you have to determine if an ancestor came from that country or a sibling of an ancestor went to that country.

I have Danish ancestry and no known Swedish ancestry, but have cousins in Sweden. The paper trail shows that my Danish great grandmother's half brother had a family in Denmark and then moved to Sweden and had a second family. So my Swedish cousins have Danish ancestry and I have no Swedish ancestry.
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