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Old 25th March 2017, 10:44 AM
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Build 17 Representative Sample Comparison

mtDNA tree Build 17 at PhyloTree.org shows GenBank accession number JQ703310 as representative of haplogroup H83.

I am also in haplogroup H83, so I decided to run a BLAST comparison of my sequence (GenBank HM034770) to the aforementioned sample.

Differences were shown at 5 positions.

At four of these positions, my RSRS values are C150T, T159C, A2433G and G16438A while JQ703310 is ancestral at all four.

The fifth difference is at position 13827 where JQ703310 is RSRS A13827G but I am ancestral with an A.

Build 17 shows A16212G as the defining mutation for H83, so naturally, both JQ703310 and I have this mutation.

Just curious if there is anything I can take away from this analysis.

Thanks for any and all insights.

Mardon (Erbland)
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