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Old 25th September 2017, 05:40 PM
ltd-jean-pull ltd-jean-pull is offline
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I'd have expected at least ONE match!

I was very excited to have a maternal 2nd cousin appear as a match to two of my relatives. The gt-grandfather that all three descend from has a name, but no record has been found of him in England. Father's names weren't on their marriage record, and I don't know whether the information on his death certificate is correct. No matching records have been found in England.

By contrast his wife's paternal line has been a relatively easy one to trace because her father was a soldier.

So the second cousin has a few mutual matches and now there's a red maternal icon next to several names. Over at Gedmatch is a cousin's daughter (so a 2C1R to the new match here at FtDNA).

The new match has just finished processing at Gedmatch and guess how many ICWs he has with his 2C1R with a segment of 10cM or more? Only his two second cousins! I'd really hoped there would be more. Maybe one day.
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Old 27th September 2017, 12:06 AM
MoberlyDrake MoberlyDrake is offline
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I am having the same problem, but with a Colonial American line. Descendants of my mother's great-grandfather match each other and/or several several descendants of her grandfather. This allows me to identify certain segments as coming from this particular great-grandfather, as Mom's grandfather had a different mother.

I was hoping that once I was able to identify such autosomal segments, I would be able to do some triangulation, but it's really discouraging that, although there are numerous matches on these segments, they are almost all between 7 and 10 cM. There is even one segment where there are no matches but descendants of the great-grandfather and one descendant of his brother. None at all.

And Y-DNA testing of one male descended from the great grandfather and one descendant of his brother places the direct male line anyway in the lineage of a Scot who came to America in the 1680s, though we are obviously missing 2 or 3 generations. So far, there is nothing to indicate that we are dealing with anything other than ancestors from England, Ireland, and Scotland.

So why almost no matches above 10 cM except for the descendants of these two brothers? It's frustrating.

There are perhaps 2 segments where my mother has a couple of matches with longer segments on two different chromosomes all going back to the same colonial couple. It hasn't helped much. And what I don't understand about this is what to do with the smaller matches on these segments. The few who reply tell me they are not descended from that couple, though one did say that all 4 of his grandparents were born in the county where this colonial American couple lived and, as far as he knew, all his ancestors had lived there for generations. Shouldn't everybody who shares the segment with several of us be descended from that couple (or their ancestors) too?

How many matches on one segment, matching each other, and descended from the same couple constitutes proof that you are somehow descended from that couple???
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