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Old 5th August 2017, 03:01 AM
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Family Finder / autosomal transfer query

I've tried to log a support request for this, but the submit button won't work (!) so I'm wondering if someone here knows.

I did an autosomal transfer for my dad from Ancestry, then subsequently 'upgraded' him to Y dna and MtDNA tests, so FTDNA now have his actual DNA on file.

I have 2000+ matches on a family finder test. But I also transfered in two autosomal transfers from Ancestry and 23&me for me, as my family finder test was delayed and I wanted to see if I had matches on here. Today I've realised that my matches are substantially different in number; 210 from Ancestry, 255 from 23&me. The front page looks basically the same.

My question is, is there any point in me asking for my dad's family finder results to be re-done using the DNA they hold, and if so, how would I order this as obviously it doesn't show up as an upgrade option?

edited to add: reason is not idle curiosity; trying to trace dad's paternal grandfather - Y-DNA showed no matches above Y-12. Closest match through Ancestry is much closer genetically than closest match currently showing on his family finder results.

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Old 5th August 2017, 05:47 AM
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Did your father's father have any other children? If so, it might be more useful at this point to test one of your father's siblings.

We're not in Britain and the majority of the matches have early colonial US roots, but I KNOW there's no US servicemen involved as our family mystery is pre-WW1. I don't think it's unusual to match a lot of Americans.

I recommend uploading to MyHeritage as well. For the close match you are looking for it's OK. I've uploaded a couple of kits (they're unrelated to each other) there and have found two more close relatives for each of them, and they only had about 80 matches each. Actually for one kit it was quite a relief because there's been a dearth of recognisable matches till now.

MyHeritage doesn't have a chromosome browser and nor can you sort by date, so I'm not likely to go past the first couple of pages. I could see the tally had gone up today but I can't work out who the new matches are!
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Old 7th August 2017, 07:59 AM
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My dad has a brother, but we are not in contact with him, and I do not believe he would be willing to test even if I was to find him, unfortunately. No more children, and no reason to believe there are any hiding in the woodwork!

I do have his DNA (and mine) everywhere; Ancestry, here, Gedmatch, and MyHeritage; I haven't tested him through 23&me, but my DNA is there, and judging from our Ancestry results I have a hefty dose of grandfather's DNA.

I do have one family group definitively confirmed with two common ancestors, at, I suspect the 2xgreat level to my dad; and my suspicion is this would be the family of the mother of my father's grandfather's family, but no obvious father candidate yet. It's definitely not on any other branch of my dad's family as I have DNA results which confirm all the paper trails/dad's recollections about his family tree.

Sadly all the other really close links have no trees and don't answer messages, but I can see they are all linked, and I suspect they are on the father's side. Hoping that one day a magical result will show up somewhere which will help open doors!
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