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Grumbles & Gripes This is a place for free and open grumbling, griping, and venting about anything and everything about DNA, companies, and genealogy that irks you. You may even come here to complain about the Forums and how they are run.

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Old 29th January 2018, 03:28 PM
RobH RobH is offline
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Not really a gripe?

I'm not posting to gripe, but hopefully to find a way to communicate with management and/or team members? I bought a family finder test late last year for my sister, hoping that she will have matches other than mine that will shed more light on some family mysteries. She gladly did the swabs and returned the kit, which has now been processed, but she's almost paranoid about giving her email address out. Accordingly, she provided no email address when she returned the kit, wanting me to manage her results altogether. I've received the notice that her results are complete, but lack the proper number to access and manage those. I wanted to call the FTDNA office, but can't find a number anywhere? I just sent another email request, but have never found a reply for one I sent earlier. Can anyone advise a phone number, or suggest another way to deal with this matter? Thanks, everyone!
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Old 29th January 2018, 06:08 PM
KATM KATM is offline
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There are two places to find the phone number:
  • at the bottom of the Forum pages - (713) 868-1438
  • at the link at top right of the Forum pages, for "Customer Support." On that page, go to the "Support" heading, and hover over the "Contact Us" link to see the phone number and days/hours to call. You can also submit a Support Request by clicking on the link for that, and filling out the form. You must complete the "I'm not a robot"/"reCAPTCHA" part before the form can be submitted. If you don't see that part, try another browser.
You say you sent an email request. If you literally sent a request by email, keep in mind that although FTDNA used to have an email address for customer support, they discontinued using email quite a while ago. The Support Request described above is the way to contact them now, other than a phone call.
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Old 29th January 2018, 11:09 PM
jimbirk jimbirk is offline
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If you don't delete old emails go back in time and look at your email confirmation when you ordered the kit.

It will say:

"Thank you for ordering the Family Finder, Domestic Shipping tests. Your kit number is NNNNNN and your password is nnnnnn."
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