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Old 28th August 2017, 10:31 AM
ThainofBuckland ThainofBuckland is offline
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My MyOrigins results are pretty bland.
100% European
67% West and Central Europe
33% Scandinavian

My Gedmatch results usually show more interesting results depending on the calculator. On Dodecad World 9 I have a high amount of DNA from the Caucasus, which doesn't show up on Eurogenes K36, so I am wondering if it can be explained by listings of Armenian, Balkan, and Eastern European, even if they don't add up to the same results. I know that broadens the area, but World9 limits itself to specific areas, so I'm finding it a bit confusing to read.

MDLP seems to be focused on migration, and I have higher results in Asian DNA from World22 with 1.25% in Indo-Iranian, 2.75% in Near East, and a 9.55% in West Asian. My cousins, who are the closest matches to me genetically, all show a similar amount of West Asian in Dodecad, but I am the only one showing Armenian in Eurogenes. There seems to be a significant amount of Mediterranean DNA as well as Iberian DNA, so I think either of those could explain West Asian DNA through migration patterns?

What I was trying to find was Native American DNA, which is present in negligible amounts in my cousins, but isn't really visible in my results except on the individual chromosome level, which probably points more to noise than real results. I have a weird amount of Mesoamerican DNA in MDLP, but as it's at .58 and the wrong region, I think that is probably wrong.

Is a 1% in SC Asian on most tests something to consider as being true, and if so, does this point to migration patterns? I read somewhere that it could be a sign of Romani descent? This article seems to suggest the same migration patterns, particularly from India, through the Middle East and the Caucasus, and finally through the Balkans. It could also explain the similar percentages in each region for K36, though I'm just thinking aloud at this point.

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Old 29th September 2017, 10:35 PM
Tomero Tomero is offline
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My FTDNA "My Origins" pretty much match my genealogical paper trail:

43% Iberian
29% New World
12% Middle Eastern(Asia Minor)
4% Scandinavian
3% West African
2% Southeast European

I'm an Hispano from New Mexico, so my top two percentages don't surprise me at all.

My Middle Eastern comes, in part, from a 7th great grandfather of mine. He is the earliest known paternal (father's father's father...) ancestor of a cousin of mine who took a Y-DNA test. My cousin's results came back as being J-M267.

I attribute my Scandinavian results to my great great grandfather, who was French. The genealogy.com website has some posts indicating that my great great grandfather's family were Norsemen (Vikings) from Scandinavia, whose surname and French Coat of Arms was awarded by Wiliam II in Normandy, France around 1066.

My West African comes, in part, from an ancestor in the 1600s that was classified as 'Mulato' in Spanish records. His father owned some female slaves, and he was the offspring of this owner/slave relationship. I have several family lines going back to this family.

I attribute my Southeast European, in part, to a Greek soldier that was among the first European settlers in New Mexico in 1598. Again, I have several family lines going back to this ancestor.
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Old 4th October 2017, 11:19 PM
Carolina Carolina is offline
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* Mine is 100 % European (59 % East Europe, 34 % Scandinavian, 7 % Finland). My maternal side is Polish.

* My fathers is 99 % European (74 % Scandinavia, 8 % British Isles, 7 % Finland, 5 % East Europe, 5 % Southeast Europe). His papertrail roots are mainly Swedish, then some German (early 1700's), Danish and French (1600's).

* My fathers maternal cousin is 100 % European (78 % Scandinavia, 10 % West and Central Europe, 7 % British Isles, 5 % East Europe). I have only done research on his maternal side up until the early 1800's - all Swedish ancestry.
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Old 5th October 2017, 07:00 AM
EMC EMC is online now
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Now that FTDNA is accepting transfers from MyHeritage I could finally upload my parents' data to compare.

I am 98% European (56% Iberia, 37% Southeast Europe and 5% West & Central Europe) with traces of Amazonia and West Middle East

My father is 94% European (39% Iberia, 35% Southeast Europe and 20% British Islands) and 5% Middle Eastern (5% Asia Minor) with traces of West Middle East

My mother is 82% European (41% Iberia, 31% Southeast Europe, 7% West & Central Europe and 3% Scandinavia), 8% Middle Eastern (8% Asia Minor) and 8% Jewish Diaspora (8% Sephardic). She has traces of West Middle East, North Africa and Western Africa.

My maternal grandma is 98% European (65% Southeast Europe, 19% West & Central Europe and 15% Iberia) with traces of Ashkenazi Jewish, which I think is strange because all of her grandparents were born in Italy.
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Old 9th October 2017, 05:52 PM
JSW JSW is offline
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Three siblings (full siblings -confirmed by atDNA)
Known ancestry 75% Colonial American mostly German
and 25% London England traced to 1790s
Sibling A
---European 97%West & Central 93%
-------Finland 4%
---Trace East Europe 2%

Sibling B
----European 97%
-------West & Central 79%
---------British Isles 18%
----Trace Finland <2% Southeast Europe <2%
Sibling C
----European 96%
---------British Isles 16%
----------Scandinavia 6%
----------East Europe 5%
----Trace Finland <2%

So Sibling A got NONE of the British Isles DNA ??

Another case with 3 siblings
Known ancestry 80% Colonial American Mixture of
English and German 12% London England
These are children of a 4th sibling of the above 3 along with
a spouse of mostly English descent.
Sibling D
----European 100%
--------West & Central Europe 68%
--------British Isles 22%
--------Southeast Europe 10%
----Trace - Finland <1%
Sibling E
----European 100%
--------British Isles 67%
--------Southeast Europe 17%
--------East Europe 6%
--------West and Central Europe 5%
--------Finland 4%
----Trace -NONE

Sibling F
----European 100%
--------British Isles 45%
--------West and Central Europe 32%
--------Scandinavia 10%
--------Southeast Europe 7%
--------East Europe 6%
----Trace North Africa <1%
So three siblings have values for West and Central Europe
of 5%, 32%, and 68%
With that spread of percentages I find the sub-grouping
as nothing I can believe. And the "Trace" results must be
pure conjecture???!

So what should one do if one has just one person tested?
And in my case with 3 siblings tested what is it I should
believe about the ancestors of those siblings?
I say one can believe the major grouping but not the sub-grouping.
Is the sub-grouping real science or is it flawed in some major way?
Any thoughts out there?
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Old 11th October 2017, 05:10 AM
samara samara is offline
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Turkish here with dad from central Turkey and mom is an ethnic Turk from Bulgaria. All known ancestors are Turkish. I tested dad and awaiting mom's results

My Results:

61% Asia Minor
19% South East Europe
9% East Europe
2% West and Central Europe
3% Northeast Asian
2% Ashkenazi
< 2% Finland
< 1% Oceania
< 1% South America

Dad's Results:

96% Asia Minor
2% Siberia
< 2% Finland
< 2% Southeast Asia
< 2% Oceania
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Old 12th October 2017, 02:53 AM
annafine annafine is offline
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1) Family Background:
I am a 9th+ generation American with roots in East TN/Western NC on my mother's side and paternal grandfather's side. My paternal grandmother's family came from MD/PA/NY and has been in America just as long.

I assumed I was mostly English and Scottish/Irish with some German. My family claimed a little French heritage and of course there were the typical rumors of us being "1/32nd" Cherokee.
2) Results from myOrigins:
100% European
  • British Isles 65%
  • East Europe 29%
  • Southeast Europe 6%
I know from my tree I have some French so that might account for the Southeast Europe. No idea what the East Europe is unless that includes Germany. My grandmother's grandfather is a mystery, so perhaps he was Italian or Slavic...still not sure.

I used the same DNA sample on Ancestry and MyHeritage and my results are very different on each test.
Europe 98%
  • Great Britain 44%
  • Ireland 23%
  • Scandinavia 15%
  • Italy/Greece 10%
  • Europe West 4% (Low Confidence Region)
  • Iberian Peninsula 2% (Low Confidence Region)
West Asia 2%
  • Caucasus 2%(Low Confidence Region)
Europe 99.0%
  • North and West Europe 92.5%
    • English 92.5%
  • South Europe 4.0%
    • Greek 2.9%
    • Iberian 1.1%
  • East Europe 2.5%
    • Balkan 2.5%
Africa 1.0%
  • North Africa 1.0%
    • North African 1.0%
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Old 13th October 2017, 02:04 AM
dna dna is offline
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Originally Posted by JSW View Post
With that spread of percentages I find the sub-grouping
as nothing I can believe. And the "Trace" results must be
pure conjecture???!

So what should one do if one has just one person tested?
And in my case with 3 siblings tested what is it I should
believe about the ancestors of those siblings?
I say one can believe the major grouping but not the sub-grouping.
Is the sub-grouping real science or is it flawed in some major way?
Any thoughts out there?
Yes, that is exactly my story as told to the my family testers. People in Europe whose families did not move for centuries getting trace results in North and Central America or Oceania? Sure, why not. Sunday dinners got an interesting topic for conversations.

It also happened that a child was tested well before his parents did. He got 4% for Asia Minor. Nobody blinked, since for centuries the Ottoman Empire was present in Europe. Questions started when his parents and their siblings tested with not even a trace anywhere in Middle Eastern.

In my opinion, tools like My Origins will likely get better only when we are able to use ancient DNA from well known historical populations.

Mr. W
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