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Old 25th July 2007, 11:59 PM
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Dear Members,
I am happy to be participating with this group. My father's mom mtDNA is L3e1*. My father's Y is Haplogroup E. My Maternal line is L1c. I have completed the Ancestry by DNA 2.5 and the DNA Print. My Paternal line of female to the best of my knowledge in the U.S. originated out of Alabama. The male paternal line within the US began in S.C. On my maternal line my most distant maternal grandmother family lore indicates the West Indies. After completing my DNA 2.5 the results were 56% Sub-Saharan, 33% European, 11% East Asian 0% Native. My DNA Print showes my highest concentration in North Africa (Tunisa). I look forward to participating with the group and sharing information. Also my father does have a exact Y-match at the 25 marker and the same individual is a 2-step mutation difference at the 37 marker. What's really exciting the first and middle name is a name within the family. Again I look forward to participating with the group.
Denise Clarke
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Old 26th July 2007, 01:50 AM
Jim Honeychuck Jim Honeychuck is offline
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Welcome, Denise.

I have not taken those two tests, but I know there are a lot of questions about them. So give your opinions when you can.

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Old 30th July 2007, 09:53 PM
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Test Results - New Member

Originally Posted by Jim Honeychuck
Welcome, Denise.

I have not taken those two tests, but I know there are a lot of questions about them. So give your opinions when you can.

Dear Jim and Group,
Thanks for the reply. I found the Ancestry by DNA 2.5 test to be accurate with my paper trial. The only surprise was the East Asian %, I would have thought that those results would have been Native American. The DNA Tribe test is more complicated to understand. My understanding is that this test shows 26 alleles, 13 from each parent which computes your geographic ancestry.
The Native Population Match gives you your top 20 matches in a database of 462 native populations that has experienced minimal movement and admixture within roughly the last 500 years. This is your deep ancestral origins.
The Global Population Match gives you your top 20 matches in a database of 637 global populations that include native and diaspora groups that expanded from their homelands and sometimes admixed with other populations recently. This gives me my most closest genetic relatives today and people's blend that is similar to mine. That the history.

My Closest Global Population Match resulting from both parents are:
1)Tunisia being the highest with 123.9
2)Marche Italy,81.5
3)Zriba Arab, Central Tunisia, 72.8
4)Poland, 64.4
5)Tartar, 58.8
6)Spain, 52.0
7)El Minia Egypt,49.5
8)North Poland, 41.1
9)NE Spain,40.3
10)Belgium, 39.4
11)Bosnia, 36.9
12)Rome, Italy, 36.0
13)Marmara Turkey, 35.0
14)Basque Spain, 34.6
15)Czech Republic,33.6
16)Old Believers (Suwalki) Poland,32.5
17)Rio Grande Du Sul Brazil,32.1
18)Toulouse France,32.0
19)Galicia Spain,30.7
20)Caucasian (Conneticut USA),30.7

My Haplogroup is L1c. My HVR1 Region are: 129A,187T,189C,213A,223T,265C,278T,286G.294T,311C, 360T,519C,527T.
My HVR2 Region are: 73G,151T,152C,182T,186A,189C,195C,198T,247A,263G,297G, 315.1C,316A,522-523-

My Father's Closest Global Population Match results are:
Southern Tunisia, 20.8
NE China,8.4
Egyptian Berber,7.7
West Polynesian, 7.7
Estonia, 7.7
(Jinagsu)China, 7.3
Caracus Venezula, 6.2
Aboriginal Australia,6.1
Costa Rica, 5.9
Korea, 5.6
Nepal, 5.5
Tawanese, 5.3
Chengdu China,5.0
Marmara Turkey, 4.7
European Aboriginal Australia,4.6
El Minia Egypt,4.6
Korea, 4.3
Changsha China, 4.1

My Father Y-Marker is E he was deep-clade tested with no sub-clade indicated yet. His mtDNA is L3e1*. His mtDNA HVR1 is: 179T,223T,327T,519C. His HVR2 is: 73G,150T,152C,189G,200G,263G,309.1C,315.1C

There is a article out by entitled "The Genographic Public Project mtDNA Database".
https://www3.nationalgeographic.com.../resources.html. Once you go to this site click on the Get Supplemental Data link. 10 of my markers matched L1c2. I believe my unique markers that differed from L1c2 are 213A, 519C, 527T.
For my father, his unique markers for L3e1* are: 179T,519C under his HVR1 region.
I'm truly a novice at this, I just ask a lot of questions. It also helps that two of my genetic cousins are scientist and I always ask the obvious question to most, but to a lay person is a steep learning curve. I hope this helps.
Best to all,
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Old 30th July 2007, 11:34 PM
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I have learnt of a paper specifically on L1c, Batini et al:


It doesn't say much (L1c2 is of Bantu origin... not much info here). Of interest though there is a table with the distribution of L1c2 in several African populations. Also, a dataset of L1c is available, but I don't have access. If you have, or if you know of anybody who has, access to a university library, they will be able to access the source file. Or you could simply send an email to the corresponding author and ask for the file. This could be of interest because you could check if there is anybody with your 213A mutation.

Incidentally, note that the paper doesn't look past 370 or so, so you won't be able to check 527 and 519 (but these are frequent mutations anyway, so they're not very informative).

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Old 6th November 2007, 09:54 PM
clarkedenise clarkedenise is offline
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I'm Back!

dear Group,
Sorry to be away for a while, I was in the fire area of San diego hardiest hit. My house and daughter's house survived, but we lost our avocado grove and out buildings. It burned all around my home as well as my duaghters, but we are all SAFE!!!!! Looking to be participating again and hearing of some good genealogy news!
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Old 26th November 2008, 01:24 AM
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It looks like it has been a while since anything was posted here.
I am new at this so I'll just post what I know and see what happens from there!
My Y-DNA is R1b1b2
My mtDNA is L3e1* with mutations at 16223T and 16327T

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