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Y-DNA Haplogroups & SNPs Basics This forum is for those new to personal ancestry testing on the direct paternal line with Y-DNA SNP tests. All may view this forum, but you must register and sign in to post.

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Old 24th August 2017, 09:20 PM
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Originally Posted by davy57 View Post

Many thanks to all for the very informative replies. The email I received states "I2-M284 SNP Pack Released"

When I follow the link to familytreedna the test available states " I2 - M284xL126 SNP Pack" which includes testing for the following:

Includes the following SNPs on the haplotree:
M284, L1195, L1193, Y3713, L1194, Y10626, Y5996, Y3684, Y3709, Y3710, CTS4544, Y5999, Y3712, Y3719, Y23654, Y23610, Y20863, Y22546, Y22549, FGC24716, Y20864, Y20865, Y22017, Y22539, Y22540, Y22541, Y22542, Y22543, Y22544, Y22545, Y22547, Y22548, Y22550, Y22551, Y22552, Y6022, FGC20053, FGC20041, Y3702, FGC14214, FGC14212, FGC14222, FGC14220, FGC21569, Y3688, Y3700, FGC14223, Y3718, FGC14213, FGC14218, Y4146, FGC20040, Y4160, Y3705, Y27468, Z26366, Y27469, Y27467, Y4163, CTS10088, Y27470, FGC14228, Y4167, FGC14221, FGC14210, Y3720, FGC14229, Y3694, FGC14215, FGC14224, FGC14226, FGC14231, FGC20061, Y27464, Y4162, Y4138, Y3715, Y10629, Y10627, Y10630, Y10628, Y10631, Y6020, FGC14269, FGC14244, FGC14264, FGC14243, FGC14239, FGC14240, Y23433, FGC14267, FGC35437, FGC14254, Y6028, Y6029, FGC14242, FGC14255, FGC14260, FGC14246, FGC14234, Y6019, FGC14268, FGC14251, Y6006, FGC14235, FGC14247, FGC14265, Y6005, FGC14272, FGC14273, FGC14262, FGC14258, FGC14266, Y6010, FGC14275, Y4165, BY1798, FGC14249, BY13862, BY13863, FGC35450, BY13865, BY13867, FGC35457, Y3701

Includes the following SNPs that are NOT on the haplotree:
Y27463, Y3717
Your positive result of I-Y4751 proves that you do not need the above test. FTDNA should not have sent you an email inviting you to take that test. They have failed to come up with a program that excludes people that have already proven to be either positive or negative for SNPs in the SNPs packs that they email people about.

Originally Posted by davy57 View Post
If I choose a random "test available" SNP from my Haplotree, eg: BY19889, I don't see BY19889 nominated on the above tests.

My apologies if I appear confusing!

No need to apologize. BY19889 is not on the above test because BY19889 is downstream from L126 and the above test does not include any SNPs downstream from L126. You need a test that includes a lot of SNPs downstream from L126 and more specifically downstream from Y4751.

The best test for you to get if you want further SNP testing is BigY. It will include almost all of the SNPs in the FTDNA tree and it will also test you for SNPs that are not on the tree. It is on sale right now for $395. Regular price is $575. So it would be wise to get BigY if you want to find out which SNPs downstream from I-Y4751 that you are positive for.
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