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Old 15th June 2018, 01:09 AM
Marvy0830 Marvy0830 is offline
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What are the possibilities? Need guidance

Is it even possible for an adoptee to learn who her father was if her father is deceased?

I recently tested with 23&me and Ancestry and uploaded raw data to FTDNA and Gedmatch.
- I had a female 2nd cousin match with 23&me (5.15% shared dna across 15 segments)
- a female close family-1st cousin match with Ancestry (1,496 centimorgans across 60 segments)
- a male 1st cousin/half brother match with FTDNA (914 shared centimorgans w/91 as the longest segment)
- a male 1st-2nd cousin match on Ancestry (452 shared centimorgans across 21 segments)
- lots of 2nd cousin matches

There is no question that this is my paternal family however I donít know how to go about using the dna information for my many matches to try and determine who in this large family might be my father.

-Is the 1,496 centimorgans match large enough that she might be my half sister or an aunt
- I am fairly certain that the 914 centimorgan male is the nephew of 1,496

1,496s uncle (her fathers brother) had 10 children. It appears theyíre all now deceased but one of their children created a huge family tree on Ancestry and he and I share 441 centimorgans across 28 segments). He is an estimated 1st-2nd cousin

Are these shared centimorgans and segment matches significant enough for me to pursue? Is it even possible for me to identify who my father was?
Just based on the information that I have, my thought is that 1,496s father was also my father or his brother is my father. My big concern is the possibility that they could have a half brother that is my father. If this is the case would the centimorgan matches that Iíve referenced be as high as they are?

For my 914 centimorgan male match, FTDNA shows he is an X match (Ancestry and 23&me does not provide this information). Does this mean that we are matching on an X chromosome passed down by a paternal grandmother or great grandmother?

Any suggestions for next steps are welcomed. I feel that I am so close yet so far away from finding out what I need to know

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Old 15th June 2018, 02:55 PM
rmm0484 rmm0484 is offline
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I would contact your close matches and see what develops. Do not mention paternity, just curiosity. You could mention that you are adopted, and seeking relatives.... you can start to build a putative tree based on those matches eventually...
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