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Old 2nd April 2017, 02:35 AM
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Originally Posted by georgian1950 View Post
I've been at this for a long time. The truth be told is that I do not pay much attention to any of the admixture calculators because they all are missing something really huge.

Jack Wyatt
Reposting my answer from another thread...

Does it make sense to compare the results from different companies?

Each company...

(1) uses different sets of reference populations (different DNA samples),

(2) uses different sample sizes (different statistical universe),

(3) uses different labels for ethnic groups (different naming conventions),

(4) uses different algorithms to assign ethnic groups (different methods, different criteria),

(5) tests different amount of markers (different accuracy),

(6) focuses on different time frames (compares to older samples),

(7) compensates (or not) a calculator effect in a different way (http://bga101.blogspot.de/2012/05/be...or-effect.html)

And each (8) charges different prices (delivers different quality).

Some conclusions:

(1) Most comparisons will look suspicious, but that is not the fault of any single company.

(2) Many results will look strange (just take a look at my thread: MyOriginsStrangeResults) and that is a problem of each company.

(3) It is not fair, intellectually speaking, to accuse any company of racism (i.e. assigning small portions of X ethnicity to certain people), when you consider the points above (BUT YOU NEVER KNOW ABOUT HIDDEN AGENDAS... )

(4) It is not 100% logical to assume you have ancestry directly from the ethnical groups assigned to you (e.g. Modern Scandinavian). It may indicate only that you have a deep ancestry that is common to you and Modern Scandinavians.

(5) By assuming one company is right, you are assuming all the others are less right or wrong (almost like counting the hits, forgetting the misses). And that is not scientific approach. You need to PROVE why that company is right based on UNDISPUTABLE FACTS.

(6) With time, more and more people will test, so better assumptions can be made, many hypothesis can be confirmed or excluded.

Anything else is entertainment or wild speculation.
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Old 7th December 2017, 01:01 AM
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My sibling recently tested at Ancestry and has NO genetic communties. We're mongrels!
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Old 7th December 2017, 07:24 PM
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Originally Posted by ~Elizabeth~ View Post
After reading this thread I went to Ancestry to see what my Genetic Community is and all I get is this:

Sorry. Can’t help it. How can you not have a genetic community? Unless maybe you “bud” or parthenogenesis is taking place.
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