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Thompson DNA Project This is a private forum for all the Thompson that are interested in finding more about the Thompson DNA Project.

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Old 30th October 2005, 12:43 PM
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Thompson DNA Project

The Thompson DNA Project web site is http://www.thompsonfamilies.org

The Thompson DNA Project uses Y-chromosome DNA test results with traditional genealogy to verify, document, and extend existing pedigrees and to make previously-unknown connections between families. Males with the surname Thompson (any variant) are welcome. Variant forms of the surname include Thompson, Thomson, Thomsen, Thomason, Thomazin, Taweson, MacThomas, MacTavish, MacCavish, Macomish, Macomb, McComas, McComb, MacCombie, and others.

Females and males are also needed to add Thompson pedigrees to our Patriarchs page, assist with genealogical research on Thompson lines, help recruit male Thompson participants, and contribute to the Thompson DNA Scholarship Fund.

Please join us!

Linda Thompson Jonas
Co-Administrator, Thompson DNA Project
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Old 23rd May 2017, 09:52 AM
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Comparison of my YDNA with Thompson on FTDNA

In looking at those matching me at 111 markers I note the following.
A MRCA with David Thompson at 4 generations 90%, 8 generations 99%. A MRCA with Lew Eric Thompson at 4 generations 46% and at 8 Generations 85%.
The interesting thing is that I have strong connections to several others on the list with David and Lew, especially Meadows. Of those in which I have autosomal data there seems to be a connection between my and several Meadows on Chromosome 8. Although David and Lew list that they have also taken the FF tests I have been unable to find them in the FF matches and/or Chromosome Browser. The Thompson of interest to Lew is Gordon Thompson, b 1815 Mercer Co., (VA) WV Many Meadows are from this area.
My paternal DNA connection to Meadows is supported by family folklore that my gggrandfather, William Wilson Adkins, b 1816, Greenbrier Co., (VA) WV was born a Meadows.
I also note thatI am a membef of the Thompson group and as shown on line 91 I share a common haplogroup R-M269, R1b-(subgroup s2) with kit 231839 which lists the aforementioned Gordon Thompson as the MRCA. I assume 231839 is Lew Thompson

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