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Old 3rd March 2018, 05:02 PM
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This is a question I have raised myself, having great-grandparents from southern Italy & Sicily... and according to FTDNA's MyOrigins 2.0 test about 1/3 Iberian origin DNA.

I was so surprised I doubted maybe they had looked at the wrong FamilyFinder sample, spent $19 transferring autosomal raw data from 23&Me to FTDNA and...overall mostly same MyOrigins results, about 1/3 DNA from Iberia, with part of that Sephardic Jewish Iberian.

29-34% Iberian:
19-21% Iberian European
10-13% Sephardic Iberian

Spanish did rule Southern Italy + Sicily for ~400 years (with some wars/uprisings interrupting) until Garibaldi conquered Spanish Bourbon Two Sicilies kingdom, also ruled Sardinia & Milan at some points.

I was dubious as there's no record of mass colonization of Italy by Iberians even if Aragonese/Spanish territory.

But royals, nobles, officials, merchants/traders, etc. of Iberian origin and certainly armies of Iberian origin were stationed in or passed through much of Italy at different points in time... marauding soldiers always leave their genetic mark.

When talking about tiny Italian villages, it wouldn't take too many Spanish troops or traders or migrants or whatever to leave a genetic imprint, with some Italian families perhaps randomly having Iberian ancestors but not other seemingly similar families from the same parts of Italy.
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Old 4th March 2018, 10:34 AM
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Almost every DNA company provides a plot chart of their populations, showing how genetically close or distant populations. All of them show how Italy and Spain/Iberia are genetically similar. I've attached FTDNA's chart - the closer the dots are to one another, the more genetically similar they are. As you can see, Spain and Italy are grouped right next to one another and have some overlap. Whenever there is genetic similarly or shared DNA between two groups, it's not unusual for a native or descendant of one to get results in the other.
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Old 31st May 2018, 01:25 PM
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Northern Italians in Portuguese ancestry

Originally Posted by AFH View Post
Ancient Roman DNA in Iberians? I don't think that's what is contributing to most of the ancient Italian DNA in Iberians. I would expect to see a whole lot more Asia minor in Iberians if that were the case. The ancient Italian DNA in the Portuguese specifically is Northern Italian and the places where I see small amounts of Asia minor is where the Roman settlement was concentrated and it is small amounts.

Could you explain better about this Northern Italian component in Portuguese ancestry? When and how did this migration happened?
I hope it can somehow explain the strange results of my aunt. After a long and careful research on her genealogy, I'm absolutely sure that she does not have any "modern Italian" ancestor (i.e., back to the 1700's). According to my research, she is 50% Portuguese, 37,5% German and 12,5% French (from Bordeaux and Marseille nobility, maybe the closest link with possible Italian or Sardinian merchants).
However, her test presented an unexpected "Italian" for three different companies:

FTDNA - 16% Southeast Europe
My Heritage - 11% Italian
Dna.Land - 25% South/Central Europe + 5,6% Sardinian (!)
Which nearly confirms such ancestry. At the same time, "Iberian" appeared always under my 50% expectation:

FTDNA: 30%
My Heritage: 49,4% (very close, in this case)
Dna.Land: 15% Southwestern European

At first, I immediately thought that this "Italian/Southern European" should represent the Ancient Romans which conquered Iberian Peninsula, but after your coment I understood it should not. Could you shed some light on this?
Thank you!
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