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Old 25th December 2017, 03:17 PM
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Match descended from my gtgt-grandparents - admixture any use.

I've had a dearth of matches from one line until recently. A few weeks ago one appeared as a match to my sibling at Ancestry, but with no shared relatices. They're 3C1R to each other. Very recently another appeared at Ancestry - I'll call her Soshanna - and the following day she appeared at Gedmatch as the second highest match for my parent (but not as close as a known 3C1R). They don't precisely know their link to the family (adoption) but say they match the earlier match more closely.

There are a couple more matches from this line on MyHeritage but they're reluctant to transfer. A third match did transfer to FamilyTreeDNA, which is great, but he's more closely related so it doesn't separate out the lines so well.

Using a minimum of 10cM the new match and my parent only have three shared matches at Gedmatch, and only one triangulates. An American match shares a 29cM segment with Soshanna on one chromosome, and 18cM on another chromosome with my parent. The very interesting thing is that the three of them have quite different admixtures. My parent is predominantly NW European whereas Soshanna is still predominantly NW Europe but appears to have some ancestry from the Mediterreanean. The other match is 75% African. Using the one-to-one tool usually there's some tiny green slithers but with him there's none at all.

Which admixture tool is best for analysing the segments in this instance?

And before I get too excited - it would be best if they triangulated wouldn't it...
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