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Old 30th May 2018, 05:15 PM
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Sharing more cM with matches than my mother

out of the 135 matches "in common with" my mother, 39 are phased with her.

With 7 phased matches I share over 10cM more with that match than my mother.
For example:
a)My shared cM b)My longest block
c)Mom shared cM d) Mom longest block
Person 1:
a) 51.80156 b) 13.24941
c) 22.62660 d) 13.16529
Difference: I share 29.17496 in total more, longest block about the same.
Person 2:
a) 40.54073 b) 13.93931
c) 29.93911 d) 9.61633
In this case my longest block is 4.32298 cM longer and I share 10.60162 more in total.

I see the same phenomenon of longer shares with 14 non-phased matches. For each of them I also share over 10cM more with them than my mother.

I looked at the chromosome browser and compared my matches with my mother's matches. In all cases I have small additional blocks of 1-3cm length that I share in addition to those of my mom. My mom has some small ones that I don't have. In case of Person 2 above - my mom and I both have the same visible longest block in the chromosome browser but in my mother's case it has a short break/interruption and therefore is detected shorter than mine.

I do not have larger cM shares with those (or any other) matches. They are all in the range of 30-60cM in total, 7.5-15cM longest block.

Before asking my question, I have to add that I found out (or rather assume, if my family tree is correct) that my mother and father are 4th cousins once removed. I cannot test my father and only have my mother's matches.

However, my question is:
1) Are those small blocks that I share in addition with some matches even valid or are any blocks of size 1-3cm to be ignored? Does the overall amount of shared cM count or does rather just the longest block size count?

2) IF you think that the count is valid and that I really share more DNA with some matches, than my mom does - This would mean that my common shared ancestor with that match must be on the common ancestry line of my mother and my father, an ancestor of both. And that I inherited different pieces from both. Is this correct?
(this would narrow down my search for those matches)

3) I have one phased match, where I share less total cM but a longer largest block. Example:
I: a) 21.00235 b)10.46294
Mom: c) 35.68544 d) 8.80228
My longest block is 1.66066cM longer than my mom's but in total I share less cM. Is there any explanation for this?

Thank you very much for your help.
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