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Old 28th April 2018, 01:30 AM
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Smile Interesting FF Match from No. Ireland

Of the page of 16 matches this week, only one bothered to enter a tree. And that one is from Northern Ireland. From the looks of it, he is still there. That is, he and his immediate ancestors never emigrated. Now, 3/4 of my own tree have nothing to do with the UK. They are all Norwegians, Germans, and deeper continentals. That leaves my maternal grandmother. Her paternal line, Green/Greene does not point to Scotch Irish. So that leaves her direct maternal line to de puzzled out. Over time I've steadily leaned toward Scotch-Irish. And now this interesting distant cousin match. Hmm... The tree given only goes back a few generations, and that is on his father's side. His mother is also given, but stops there. But that's not the point. The point is a match from the "old country" with no distracting North American connections. If I can't pin down specific individuals going way back, at least I might be able to narrow down their geographical origin. From the surnames given, they obviously go back to Scotland, at least on his father's side.

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Old 28th April 2018, 05:30 AM
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I'm always interested in matches with people who reside in Ireland, England, Scotland or Wales, particularly because my parent was not aware of any Irish ancestry at all. But we're trying to work out who a grandfather was. When we find him I'll eat my hat if he doesn't have Irish ancestry because some of the closest matches have significant Irish ancestry. It's a puzzle - there's a cluster with Donegal/Tyrone ancestry and another cluster with West Cork/Kerry ancestry. I'm very grateful to the matches who have been happy to give me a quick run down of their family tree.

Unfortunately with official registrations of births starting two to three decades later than in England, Wales and Scotland it can be hard to find the records. But then again I get matches with people in Newfoundland or Tennessee who also hit walls at around the 1870s with some of their ancestors.

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Old 28th April 2018, 10:05 AM
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I have dozens of weak matches (generally single segments under about 25 cM), some of them matching each other, from England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, and New Zealand, but the genealogical connection, if there is one, would have to be prior to 1800, or more likely, even a generation or two earlier, since my ancestors from the British Isles who would have to be the source of these matches arrived in New York, New Jersey, and Newfoundland in the mid to late 18th Century, with no clear parentage and with very common names. (And, significantly for research, without exact birth dates or places of origin.) In other words, at least for now, these matches are not informative. It makes perfect sense that these matches exist and that they reflect a common origin, but they do not seem to narrow the set of possible ancestors beyond generally confirming that these families came from places where their surnames are still found. I.e., what I knew already.
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