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Old 8th April 2015, 01:55 AM
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FTDNA compared to 23andMe

Hi all,

I recently received my 23andMe results. I've put my FTDNA results next to them for comparison. Its nice to see my Eastern Euro and Balkan ancestry better represented compared to FTDNA. Its possible the Asia Minor on FTDNA is actually Balkan which is represented on 23andMe. Its possible some of the Jewish is hidden in my East Euro score on 23andMe compared to FTDNA which is why its low. Its about the same on the Jtest on Gedmatch. The Scandinavian is much more realistic.

This is on Speculative mode.

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Old 9th April 2015, 05:13 PM
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It would probably be better to compare the 23andMe results using Conservative mode, vs. Speculative, or at least to put more faith in Conservative overall. The percentages may change a lot. I can't say if the myOrigin estimates are on the conservative side or not, but I suspect they are not as speculative as 23andMe's Speculative setting.

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"The default Speculative Estimate corresponds to 51% confidence - this provides the most detailed view of your ancestry. You have the option to make the estimate more strict, meaning that the interpretation shown is more likely to be accurate. The Standard Estimate is at 75% confidence, and the Conservative Estimate is at 90% confidence."

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