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Originally Posted by Randy583 View Post
To: whoiis,

A simple analogy to a person's DNA, or genes, can be represented by a deck of 52 playing cards.
Suppose mom represents a deck of 52 red cards, dad1 represents a deck of 52 blue cards and dad2 represents a deck of 52 green cards.
Child1 of mom and dad1 is created by shuffling mom's deck, shuffling dad1's deck and dealing out 26 cards from each, then combining the delt cards into a deck of 52 cards containing 26 of mom's red cards and 26 of dad1's blue cards.
Child2 of mom and dad2 is created by shuffling mom's deck of 52 cards again, shuffling dad2's deck of 52 cards and dealing out 26 cards from each, then combining the delt cards into a deck of 52 cards containing 26 of mom's red cards and 26 of dad2's green cards.
Child1 and child2 will each have 26 of their mom's red cards, but they will not be the SAME 26 red cards! On average only about half of each child's red cards, that came from their common mom, will match between the siblings. So these two siblings will only share about 25% of their mom's genes and none of their different father's genes (they are half-blood siblings).

Except that there's too many cards in those decks. So throw away 6 cards from each deck.

And then take recombination into account. So take a red card and a blue card and tear them in two into varying but inversely complementary sizes. Tape the complementary pieces together and do the same for every pair of red/blue cards in the deck so you have a deck of cards that are part red and part blue.

Now redistribute as above...
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