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Old 11th January 2018, 11:10 AM
momsa10 momsa10 is offline
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X Chromosome Match

Hi - It just seems that these matches on the X Chromosome should mean something. Any input is appreciated.

Here's what I have (none are the same person as far as I can tell) and note that a majority of these end on either 67881743 or 67522844:

Matches starting with 53161383
53161383 - 67881743 3.85cM 600 SNP
53161383 - 67522844 3.05cM 575 SNP
53161383 - 68042811 4.22cM 625 SNP
53161383 - 66944947 2.21cM 525 SNP

Matches beginning with 53915099

53915099 - 67881743 3.41cM 575 SNP
53915099 - 67881743 3.69cM 525 SNP
53915099 - 67522844 2.61cM 500 SNP

Here are two beginning with 51091891
51091891 - 67881743 4.97cM 700 SNP
51091891 - 67522844 4.17cM 675 SNP

Here are two that are even broader:
49746067 - 68235478 7.15cM 875 SNP
47518791 - 63985043 6.93cM 875 SNP

These have similar beginning but the same endings (not the same as above)

53330051 - 67522844 3.05cM 575 SNP
53624479 - 67522844 2.80cM 525 SNP
50504894 - 67522844 3.68cM 655 SNP

Thanks for any insight you may have.
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Old 11th January 2018, 12:42 PM
John McCoy John McCoy is offline
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The matching segments are likely too small to be of any genealogical use, even though they may be "real".

X matches are often difficult to interpret. The ones that are probably worth the trouble are those that are ALSO strong autosomal matches (say, second cousins or closer) AND where the matching X segment is at least 10 cM long (although I would probably not bother until the matching X segment was at least 20 cM long). In such a situation, there is a good possibility that you can show that the matching X segment could not have come from one or more of your ancestors, or even that it could only have come from one of them.
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