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Old 19th July 2017, 12:10 AM
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Is S. Jutland, Denmark DNA Scandanavian or West Europe ?

What is the typical "myOrigins" result for people with southern Jutland (mainland), Denmark ancestry? Does it typically tend to get categorized mostly as Scandanavian or mostly as "West and Central Europe" in the myOrigins results?

In my case, recent generations of my fathers family were primarily in Vejle municipality in Jutland, Denmark.

My "myOrigins" result was "West and Central Europe" 47%, Scandanavia 7%, Jewish Diaspora 45% (that part is correct ... my mother is 7/8 Ashkenazi Jewish and not Danish).

Are these results inconsistent with half my ancestry from Jutland ?

I realize the myOrigins is far from a conclusive test... I am mostly wondering what other people get as a result for Jutland. Is there reason to believe that the DNA of people specifically from the southern Jutland (Jylland) regions of Denmark has a much lower correlation with Scandanavian DNA and rather much higher correlation with Western European DNA (especially Germany, Netherlands and other nearby regions). It would make sense that there would be more European overlap for southern Jutland than for other regions of Denmark (e.g. Copenhagen or northern Justland) and far more than Norway or Sweden.

If this result is atypical, then I wonder if this more likely suggests my fathers-side tree may be inaccurate or if the 45% Ashkenazi DNA confuses the algorithm used.
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Old 19th July 2017, 12:53 PM
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I'll venture a guess and say Scandinavia, because Northern German is often identified as Scandinavian.
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Old 19th July 2017, 06:20 PM
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King of Denmark Harald "Bluetooth" Gormsson, c.911-987, was supposedly born there in Jutland. Isn't he considered Scandinavian?
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Old 1st August 2017, 06:08 AM
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Western Europe, the Danish have a genetic affinity with Germans.

During testing in the UK they tried to differentiate between Danish Vikings and Anglo-Saxons but couldn't because they are too similar.
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Old 7th August 2017, 01:43 PM
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Followup - Eurogenes K13 Mixed Mode Population Sharing

I have been experimenting the Admixture Utilities on Gedmatch and have found interesting results specifically using the Eurogenes K13 calculator model (default model) when used with Oracle. The Oracle Mixed Mode Population Sharing looks for combinations of two ancestries that are the best match (making it good for nearly 50-50 mixed ancestries like mine). You can see from the results that the Danish is not highly distinguishable from British Isles (or North Dutch) in this context. Here are the top 10 of 20 results:

# Primary Population (source) Secondary Population G. Distance
1 59.6% Danish 40.4% Italian_Jewish 3.66
2 58.1% Southeast_English 41.9% Ashkenazi 3.76
3 59.4% North_Dutch 40.6% Italian_Jewish 3.96
4 62.3% Southeast_English 37.7% Italian_Jewish 3.97
5 56.7% Norwegian 43.3% Italian_Jewish 4.00
6 59.3% Orcadian 40.7% Italian_Jewish 4.25
7 53.6% West_Scottish 46.4% Ashkenazi 4.25
8 65.3% Southeast_English 34.7% Tunisian_Jewish 4.25
9 70.9% Southeast_English 29.1% Lebanese_Druze 4.38
10 59.8% Danish 40.2% Sephardic_Jewish 4.40

JTest nails the Ashkenazi Jewish part... Danish is in there but ranked below English and Dutch but are still subjectively similar results

1 56.1% English + 43.9% AJ @ 7.54
2 55.8% Cornish + 44.2% AJ @ 7.98
3 56.7% NL + 43.3% AJ @ 8.17
4 58.2% West_&_Central_German + 41.8% AJ @ 8.2
5 53.7% DK + 46.3% AJ @ 8.27
6 52.1% Scottish + 47.9% AJ @ 8.32
7 53.2% Orcadian + 46.8% AJ @ 8.42
8 52% IE + 48% AJ @ 8.78
9 51.1% NO + 48.9% AJ @ 9.16
10 62.6% FR + 37.4% AJ @ 9.3

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