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Old 30th April 2016, 01:23 PM
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Oh, sorry, I see that you said that your V32 subclade has not been found yet outside of Africa, so I guess your Y-dna matches would come mostly from those populations... I must have been really sleepy writing it yesterday at night. Anyway, hope you will find out how your ancestor(s) got to Bohemia. Maybe more Europeans with your subclade will test and the mystery will be solved..
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Old 2nd May 2016, 12:22 AM
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Hi Dora,
You are right, southwestern Germany has never been inhabited by Slavs, there are no Slavic place names there. Family in Germany among the common peple appered only in the 12th century. So they donít tell us much about ancient history. In the southern part of Germany there are many family names derived from the name of the dwelling of their ancestors. These place names again very often stem from the name of the Germanic horde that settled there (typical suffixes in this context: -ing, -inger, -ingen). Originally these ending were attached to the name of the leader of the horde, becoming the name for the horde and then for the settlement. As the southwestern part of Germany belonged to the Roman empire your Roman theory makes sense to me.
The Genographic Project yielded E-v32 E1b1b1a1a2 as my Y-DNA haplogroup. This Is typical for East Africa and the only other persons of this type I could find on the internet all come from Somalia (When I told my father about it he just laughed and said: See, thatís why I never get sunburned). That is why wanted to cross-check my sample on ftDNA. I ordered the Y-67, the sample arrived there in January but on the website it still says the test is pending. When I inquired about the cause of the delay, they were very helpful and answered that my test failed and they had to retry. Anyway they had identified my Y-DNA haplotype as being I 1 in the beginning, after two months they changed it to E, but still the subtype they offer (E-Z16659) is not really compatible with the results from the Genographic Project and there are no matches on the SNP-map.
I wrote to the Genographic Project one or two months ago and asked them, how to explain the story as the migratory track of my ancestors they had sent to me, just didnít add up. They answered they would look into it, but I never heard from them ever since. So I guess I have to see what happens next with E-Z16659.
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Old 27th October 2016, 08:31 AM
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My predicted Y haplogroup is E-M35 and my paternal ancestors came from central Bohemia just three generations ago. I was shocked by this as well. I didn't expect to see E-M35. On top of that my 12 marker and 25 marker matches are located in just about every country in Europe EXCEPT the Czech Republic.
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Old 27th April 2017, 03:45 PM
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Smile European subclad E-V13 of the African parent E-M78

Originally Posted by Petra View Post
if the old origins were Roman soldiers or slaves from Iberia, the Maghreb or if I have a hidden Jewish line?
Probably none of the above, probably yes. European subclad E-V13 was spread around EU long before Romans. 7000 years ago was found in Spain. So being found now let's say in Norway or Germany, not necessarily it means it came there recently but certainly Romans may have contributed. Just like I1 that seems not to be found during Mesolithic area in Scandinavia but now is the dominant haplogroup , same applies for E-V13 being 'recently' now more concentrated in Balkans due to the isolation (the founder effect).
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Old 29th April 2017, 12:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Dora View Post
Of course I have no idea where my E-L117 ancestor was in the 10th century before he got to Germany and became a German. He could be from the Balkans, of course, and he could have a Southern Slavic ancestry, or maybe he came from the Middle East without being in the Balkans. Anyway, now in my origins my father’s paternal side looks very Western/ Central European, the Eastern Europe comes from my Polish grandmother.
I find E1b1b* haplogroup the most interesting which most of the people associate it instantly with Balkans or Africa. To start with, E-L117 (=E-M35) has many subclads from all over EU and all over Africa. E.g the european subclad E-V13 has been in EU at least 7000 years ago which means he may have been in Germany forever (at least ~8000). Balkans have E-V13 in higher percentages (at least nowadays) and certainly may have contributed more in spreading it via Romans in EU till 5th Century. And this is assuming E-V13 was in higher in concentration in Balkans back then too. But if your Y ancestor belonged to e.g. E-M81/E-V12 etc these subclads are almost non-existent in Balkan (1-3%) or EU, they are almost exclusively african subclads.

So getting the terminal subclad it's a good start... below is the E1b1b* tree, with European, African and Jewish subclads.

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