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Old 2nd June 2015, 03:29 AM
LadyAlaise LadyAlaise is offline
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Question Gedmatch Xdna match, and 3cM minimum aDNA match

A friend who seems to know a lot more about DNA suggested I do a aDNA compare against one of my X dna matches on Gedmatch.
When leaving all the aDNA fields alone when comparing, this xDNA match does not match me on autosomal. but when I set the minimun cMs to 3 she does match me.
Chr.......Start Location......End Location......Centimorgans (cM)......SNPs
My friend said because my xDNA match does share some aDNA on chromosomes other than our X, that she must be related through my father's side as well??? and based on both aDNA and xDNA that my match is likely in the 7th cousin range.
our X dna shared cMs are: 9.2
This person lives in Ireland. We became friends before I tested, via Facebook, because we were both searching the same surname from the same County in Ireland. The shared surname comes from a 2nd Great Grandfather who was from Co. Cork and came to USA; I come from his daughter who was my Maternal line Great Grandmother...
I will admit my father does have an Irish Great Grandmother, who was born in Nova Scotia and whose parents were from Ireland; From this Irish ancestor to my father is:
(Dad's Irish Great Grandmother> Dad's Grandfather>Dad's Mom>My Dad> Me (female)
but my match does not have that ancestors surname in her ancestry....
Could my x match really also be related via my fathers side?

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Old 2nd June 2015, 11:15 AM
dna dna is offline
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7th cousin! That connection is from times (generations) long, long ago, so it might be that link.

W. (Mr.)
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Old 2nd June 2015, 11:44 AM
georgian1950 georgian1950 is offline
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Originally Posted by dna View Post
7th cousin! That connection is from times (generations) long, long ago, so it might be that link.

W. (Mr.)
If I recall, CeCe allows 5.0 CM matching segments as the lowest acceptable size. LadyAlaise, you match my mother (F367106) using 500 SNP's and 5.0 cM minimum segment size with this segment on #3:

6437066 - 8596403 5.0 cM 743 SNPs

I guess that makes us somewhere on the order of 7th cousins, too, and ties you into the North Carolina situation that we have discussed previously:


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