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Old 11th January 2018, 05:00 PM
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I have complained about this situation too. You are not alone, basically anybody with off-modal values can be disqualified to have valuable matches just because of one mutation. If this single mutation happened between your grand pa and your dad, you may not even match your own grandpa !!! And of course there is no way to know a priori when that mutation occurred.

There are several issues to consider here.

The 'off modal' values are not provided by your STR test, but they are visible in the groups for your relevant haplogroup, where the STR sequences of everybody in the group are actually displayed.
The Mode (the most common value as in statistics) for a particular STR position is indicated for everybody, so if your personal value is very far off this value/mode, you would know what this particular value 'should be' for you.
But to know that, you must do some SNP testing to know in which R1b subclade you belong.
Once you know what and where is the problematic STR, you can try to contact the people in the group who 'would match you' IF your off-modal STR wasn't off.

Problem: not everybody who has tested STR also join a group, this is a small subset of the testers and worse, you cannot contact them directly, you have to go through the admin of the group.

Beside joining your own haplogroup, I don't see anything else you can do, but FDNA certainly could do 2 things :
1) Relax the GD threshold so that the many people in this situation finally can have matches. Many matches will be irrelevant but a few may be true matches.
2) let the customer enters himself a particular vale for a str, typically that would be the Mode value that the customer retrieves from his haplogroup-group.
That's what Ysearch was supposed to do, but ysearch is dead now.
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