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Old 9th September 2017, 11:26 AM
peterebay peterebay is offline
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Cost of HVR1 to HVR2 upgrade?

If you are in a project and your DNA is in storage, it costs $79 to upgrade from HVR1 to HVR2.

If you are in a project and your DNA is in storage, it costs $79 to order a mtDNAPlus test (which covers both HVR1 and HVR2).

Please let me know why there is no discount for an HVR1 to HVR2 upgrade given that you already having HVR1 results?

Thanks and sincerely, Peter
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Old 9th September 2017, 12:08 PM
KATM KATM is offline
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I don't think FTDNA has offered the HVR1 test by itself for a long time (at least a couple of years). They have been selling the mtDNAPlus test instead, which tests HVR1 & HVR2, as you noted. Therefore, there is now no advertised option for ordering just the upgrade to HVR2, although that is what you would get in your case - HVR2 results to add to your HVR1 existing results. I suppose you could call or submit a Customer Service request to ask if there is any such option for HVR1 to HVR2 upgrade available.

I checked the pricing on the FTDNA website, and the mtDNAPlus test is $79, without project pricing. If I were you, I might consider upgrading to the mtFull Sequence test; you could wait until it goes on sale again. Really, the HVR1 and HVR2 results are not much help for genealogy; even the mtFullSequence is of limited use, but can be helpful in certain situations.

When FTDNA had its most recent sale (just ended), the mtFull Sequence upgrade for HVR1 or HVR1 + HVR2 was $119 (versus ordering the same test without any prior HVR testing, which was $159 on sale, $40 off). The summer sale prices are described here: https://dna-explained.com/2017/07/31...mily-tree-dna/ . I realize that even $119 is $40 more than the price to upgrade to HVR2, but it wouldn't hurt to consider the Full Sequence test. During the FTDNA Holiday Sales, starting in late November, there have been additional coupons offered to use along with the sale prices, so it's possible you could get an even lower price. I recall coupons for $10-20 off of mtDNA tests, and up to $40 off the mtFull Sequence - that's on top of the sale prices.

The FTDNA Learning Center has a couple of pages which may interest you:

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Old 9th September 2017, 06:20 PM
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Originally Posted by peterebay View Post
Please let me know why there is no discount for an HVR1 to HVR2 upgrade given that you already having HVR1 results?
It probably is that way because the old mtDNA test was phased out and doing upgrades from the original mtDNA test to the mtDNA+ is not that common these days. If it is not that common, then there is less reason to have a discount for it because FTDNA may lose money doing that.

For example, they have stated that they can bring down the costs of tests during sales as long as there are multiple orders being processed together. There likely isn't a lot of upgrades being ordered these days so it costs them more to process a few tests than a whole set.
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