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Old 19th May 2017, 08:29 PM
wombat wombat is offline
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very rare R-L20?

Hmm, so much for our STR matches.

We had four at distance 2 at STR25 (three of whom shared the same last name which each other and are part of the same broad greater family group) and a distance 3 and 4 match at STR37 (both were STR25 matches). Of the four, only our distance 3 at STR37 has tested to STR67.

STR67 just came in for us and we get ZERO matches!

We wondered if maybe we might pick up something totally fresh or find the STR 37 distance 3 match might stay at 3 or only rise to 4 or something but nope. It obviously rose a ton and went over the cutoff. So it seems our matches to the far southeastern Polish and Czech families (the matches mentioned for STR25 and STR37) are likely so distant to probably not mean anything at all.

It's quite an R-L20 mystery.

None of our locations are typical for the haplogroup at all, least of all ours which traces back to Latvia (and we see only one single other tester in all of FTDNA who lists R-L20 and Latvia as origin). The fact that the Polish and Czech matches above seemed a bit out of typical R-L20 range had made them seem promising, but it seems not so much.

So it seems we end up with zero hints whatsoever now that the STR67 has ended up basically making the STR37 probably too distant to matter at all?

All we have is a seeming ethnic Latvian peasant born around 1824ish in Latvia to a surnameless father "Jurre".

Really wonder how in the world we ended up with R-L20 and seemingly such an odd branch of it (with zero STR76 matches and in terms of SNPs, between Geno 2.0, Geno 2.0 NG, 23 so far we shown negative for all the major known sub R-L20 those kits tested, which granted still leaves out a couple) in Latvia.

I guess it is too bad that France and Germany and not much better tested. Perhaps it came from some French/German solider/trader passing through the Baltics long ago? Some out of wedlock with some German baron way back?? Maybe if people in Germany and France tested beyond the barest levels maybe we'd find all sorts of matches? Or maybe our group is just very unusual and rare?

I guess it's not possible the history and formation of R-L20 as thought now could be so wrong as to allow for a chance for R-L20 to have been in the Baltic region in ancient times?

I guess the 3 and 4 distance at STR37 maybe hint at some way, way back tie to maybe some German family that split maybe a thousand years ago and surprisingly had one branch end up in the Baltics and another to Czech area (which later split to two parts maybe 500 years ago?)???
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Old 19th May 2017, 08:39 PM
lgmayka lgmayka is offline
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According to YFull, R-L20 is 3900 years old. A few of the entries in that clade are from Sweden or Norway.
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Old 28th June 2017, 03:30 AM
Alexandrina Alexandrina is offline
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Y67 nil result vs GD3 @ Y37

Actually that is really surprising. They share the surname and match at Y37 with GD 3 yet no match at Y67. You would need to look at the other testers YSTR allele values and look for recloh events or additional markers on the doubled pairs or quadruples. Have a good look at his values vs yours to see which actual STR's have mutated.

Join yourselves into the Latvian or Baltic project and ask the Admin to group you all together initially so that you can analyse the results. Just in case the tester has had unusual additional recloh mutations which throw off the matching algorithm depending where they arise.

Otherwise just ask him / them to send you the certificate.
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