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Paternal Lineage (Y-DNA STR) Basics This is an area for those who are new to DNA testing for genealogy can ask about Y-DNA STR based tests and their test results. All may view this forum, but you must register and sign in to post.

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Old 19th May 2018, 12:00 AM
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Slow but valuable progress

Hi. I have to agree that even more than most genetic genealogy, Y-DNA research is slow to bear fruit. However as it does, it provides invaluable insight into deeper ancestry.

I took a 37 marker test first I believe, then eventually upgraded to 111 marker and the Big Y. My one match at 37 still matched me at 67 but fell away after that. He also shares my surname.

He has a closer cousin who also matches me at 36 (but clearly tested through a different company). One of my 12 marker surname matches also matches my 67 match at the 36 marker level as well. So one can infer that my direct line have had the same surname for at least 10-15 generations.

I was intrigued to discover that our shared line is a Celtic one as well. I think its really important to take advantage of some of the excellent haplogroup projects - they can offer some amazing insight. There is a strong correlation between our line and several Irish-Scot families and clans. I'm a little more skeptical about the value of surname orientated Y-projects as surnames appear to be very transitory and most deeper ancestry seems to probe outside of genealogical time.

Sometimes I think its a matter of waiting for the right people to come along and test. Potentially if I can locate a match with the same surname who descends from the same village in Cornwall (Penryn) I'm certain that they will be a 67+ marker match for me (maybe 37-67 marker for the others).

I think its important to be realistic about what's possible and the potential time frame. Y-DNA is a long term investment. I also think its really necessary to be open minded as there are likely to be surprises when researching deeper ancestry and the reality may vary from the myth.

At the end of the day if you are working backwards still from yourself I think you are going to do okay. Once you start working down from a pre-determined starting point, you are in trouble. So it has that in common with autosomal research.

It's not cheap but its the only way to learn some valuable information about your deeper ancestry.
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