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Old 4th September 2016, 12:41 AM
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Originally Posted by 1/2finn View Post
...Within 2 weeks of my dna match, I was leaving a restaurant at the same time a man was coming in, who I recognized from Facebook as my possible 1/2 brother. I approached him and told him a little of my story. We got together later and talked for 2 hours. He agreed to do a dna test as it is very likely we are 1/2 siblings.
Sounds neat! You will have to let us know how this alleged 1/2 sibling's test comes out.

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Old 4th September 2016, 07:02 AM
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Hi Matt,
Glad to see you back. I look forward to hearing about your search.
Still looking for a surname for my paternal grandfather I may be a little closer. I have 2matches 2nd-3rd cousin matches with two other matches at two other companies and they both put their raw data into gedmatch and they both match my father and their also related I found their common relative Cabozzi. I have not been able to put the pieces together of how my family fits in.


Originally Posted by mkdexter View Post
Has anyone found a birth parent? Yes. I have. I haven't been on this forum for a long time now, but I thought I would check around a bit and I saw this question.

Yes I found my birth father using DNA tests and lots of work. I'll write up something about it around October and share the story.

I will add. I had no name to go on, no records to use, no surprise match to a parent, nothing. The entire find was due to DNA test results.

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Old 10th September 2016, 12:00 PM
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Good luck Cheryl.
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Old 12th October 2016, 02:55 PM
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Found Parents

In regards to whether anyone has found parents I have one success story. I have an adopted cousin who was adopted in 1946. The adoption was not a legal one and the birth certificate (BC) was forged with the names of the adopted parents being the real parents. The adopted parents never told my cousin she was adopted and she didn't find out until after their death. When we started the search all we had was the BC as there was no one alive that we could talk to who might have known something. At age 68, her chances of finding a parent that was still living was slim. When the results came in, she hit the jackpot with a person who was between a 1st and 2nd cousin. All we needed to do was get the person's family tree and start there. But we had no way of knowing which side of that person's family tree my cousin was related to. I figured out early on that my cousin was probably related to that other person on the father's side. That person's grandparents were my cousin's great grandparents. But the problem was the great grandparents bred like rabbits and had about 11 kids and all those kids had numerous kids too! From which branch did my cousin descend? It took months of research, guesswork, going down wrong paths (or barking up the wrong tree) but after eight months we determined who her father was from the DNA test that a woman took that conclusively proved to be a half-sister. We found who the father (deceased) was. But then who was the mother? The father and mother were not married. Someone suggested contacting another cousin who had an aunt, not related to the family, who knew the father. Perhaps she would know who he was running around with in the 1940s and could give a clue that would help. So my cousin called her (newly found) cousin, introduced herself, told her story and asked for the telephone number of the elderly aunt of his. A couple of days later she called the aunt and again told her story. As it turned out, my cousin was shocked to find out that this elderly woman turned out to be her mother. Her story matched perfectly to what we knew and she later took a DNA test proving the relationship. She was in a difficult time in her life in 1946 an could not keep the baby so she gave the baby to the midwife who had a niece and nephew who were childless and wanted a child of their own. Now my cousin knows her biological mom. So that is one success story.
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Old 15th October 2016, 12:56 AM
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I located my birthfather through DNA genealogy (not necessarily Family Finder) and without an initial close match. My message is that waiting for that close match might not happen so you have to try to make that close match happen.

What I did was figured out that two of my 4th cousins (two of my top matches on Ancestry) were related through a common ancestor. One of these individuals didn't have a family tree. I figured out who she was, found obituaries on Newspapers.com and put together a family tree for her. Then I figured out a 5th-8th cousin on Ancestry was also related to them through that same common ancestor. Then another 4th cousin confirmed I was on the right track. I contacted members of that family who hadn't tested and paid for them to test.

The problem with Family Finder is they don't filter the identical by state and common genes in a population. On Family Finder I have dozens of 2nd to 4th cousin who are much, much, much more distantly related (common ancestor was likely born in the 16 or 17th centurise) and that caused me to waste sooo much time. Ancestry filters all those matches out and you don't waste time on them.

I've had to pay for 6 tests, but it's been worth it and I have my answers. The close relative matches I was waiting for never would have happened without me pursing it since they don't have the financial resources to afford to pay for a test themselves.
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Old 23rd October 2016, 12:08 AM
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I just helped my half sister (same mother and me) find her birth father. Now she has another half sister neither of them knew about until I reviewed the DNA results.

I also helped my cousin find her late husbands family. He was adopted in 1943. We are in the process of verifying what we can but the mother is valid, the father could be one of two brothers, although the brothers' family believes they know who it was. All of tehse involved have passed away.

I had my cousin test herself and her sons and then used both sons non maternal DNA matches to find their paternal side relatives.

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Old 8th December 2016, 02:58 PM
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Originally Posted by ShanWoods View Post
I am new to family tree and just wondered how many people have actually found a biological parent using family finder? I am still waiting for my test results but, a little background on me- I only know my biological mother'8s family. I am really just looking for ethnicity so I know what I am and where I come from but, if I happen to find any of my biological father's family, then that would just be a welcomed bonus!
Shan I just posted my final results in the thread Finally
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